Ranking the Magnitude of Eight of Bidens Major Failures Thus Far!

Border crisis: 9/10
Afghanistan withdrawal: 8/10
Stagflation: 8/10
Keystone XL: 6/10
Eviction fiasco: 5/10
Jobless numbers: 3/10
Race-based farm bailout: 3/10
COVID mandate: 2/10


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  1. Dude!! Stop calling them "FAILURES"!!
    Biden and his administration are doing what they have been told to do. Success after success. Damage after damage.
    It is all intentional and according to external instruction.
    To say they are simply "failing", is to downplay the goals and sabotage being inflicted on our country.
    This Is ALL attack after attack, disguised as folly.
    Call it what it is, or admit you are cushioning the blow.

  2. The Keystone deal was so much a can of worms getting all the pieces in place to get it approved in the first place, stopping it when it was on the verge of completion boarders on the lunatic. But then that is entirely in keeping with the extremist thinking that permits cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Very sad.

  3. I think people moving from California into Arizona and other states is a pandemic. These nasty traitor bastards are coming to our states escaping California and bringing their mental retardation with them. Welcome Californians 🖕

  4. Nearly 50 Sacramento-area students remain trapped in Afghanistan. When will they be rescued?

    Sawsan Morrar and Jason Pohl, The Sacramento Bee 9/23/2021

  5. Notice how everything now is "Working Class BAD" – "Politicians and Corporations Good!"
    They are frothing at the mouth over mandates destroying working class people's ability to earn. I constantly think that certain aspects of society are playing with fire at the moment, and a bunch of angry people with idle hands are not something you want in a society

  6. I'm still in awe people don't understand that this has all been deliberate. They really don't give a F what anybody thinks.
    Biden isn't "screwing things up". He is literally following a road map that has been laid out in front of him.
    We should all be more concerned by the fact they don't seem to be too concerned about the Midterms. If we make it intact to Nov. 2022 I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  7. Sorry to say, but I’m here in Texas and my work is going a long with the mandate. We got till December 8 to be fully vac. Sucks I’m still trying to figure out what to do. Get it or try and find a place that pays the same.

  8. Think about all of the Presidents before Biden and how much political experience they had compared to him coming into office. It's mind blowing that he has done so much damage domestically as well as internationally in less than a year.

  9.ão há discurso odio…. quem é este gajo para dizer o que é o que não discurso de odio.
    Ou há liberdade de expressão para todo tipo discursp ou não há liberdade expressão nenhum discurso.
    Isto são tacticas para impedir pessoas falar daquilo desagrando no multiculturismo e nesta invasão.
    Para pessoas não poderem avisar amigos e familiares horros que acontcerem no Haiti, Africa do Sul, Baltimore, Londres e Paris antes também acontecem aqui.
    Para além do facto que ele mentiu: uma chavez digital (com marca do Diabo / passport vacina) teria privacidade bem mais quando andas na rua, pessoa teria bem menos anonimato do que tem na rua. Passport digital da internet ( que é inconstitucional) seria mais parecido com a obrigação de um código barras (ou QR Code) no pescoso com cada pessoa, cada código teria toda informação informação incluindo nome, morada, onde este, onde pretende ir, etc .
    Cuidados com estes facists e globalias.
    As querem menos discurso de odio parem de importante estes invasores e comecem deportar o que estão aqui.
    Eles estão a ver é que a televisão anda a perder importância, então querem dominar a net… Mas vão se dar mal

    Eles estão a ver é que a televisão anda a perder importância, então querem dominar a net… Mas vão se dar mal

    Nunca se esqueçam Tomas Braga.

  10. You guy's can't be this gullible, can you??
    Yes, we get the Right Wing narrative. FOXNEWS and Trump set it up from the beginning: Sleepy Joe. The slow-talking, almost 80s guy. Let's all laugh. And let's forget that Biden is brilliant, and a veteran in foreign policy with a history of being involved in pretty much everything in the past 50 years. Decades in the Senate. Decades on committees and in Hearings. Asking and providing intricate information. 8 Years as Vice President. And now, President.

    But he talks slow. He sometimes mixes up a word.

    Oh, no! That means he's incompetent. He's got Alzheimers. He's clearly delusional and has dementia, and being operated by a cabal of puppeteers –––– says FOXNEWS.

    Really? Is that what you all believe? Just because a guy is soft spoken and takes his time, walks a bit slower, he's somehow, as you say, incompetent and senile? SO SAYS FOXNEWS. SO SAYS SKY NEWS.

    Folks, stop being so gullible. This is what FOXNEWS did to Hillary before the election. The narrative was decided: "You can't trust her." And so, the GOP Congress birthed their 9 Hearings, which began with it targeting President Obama, not Hillary. Remember? It was an election year. and Benghazi was Obama's Waterloo. It failed. So, FOXNEWS changed targets, and relentlessly targeted Hillary to smear her. So, FOXNEWS went 24/7. And so did Russia. And so did Right Wing hate radio. And so did the billions in dark money. And so did WIKILEAKS. And so did a couple flubs by the FBI. And with all that… all that combined…. Trump just eeks out the most narrow wins in 3 states that flipped the election. Hillary won the Popular vote, and Trump stole the 2008 race.

    And we see it again. The narrative is "Joe is senile." As FOXNEWS and SKY NEWS puts together one fake video after another. Selectively edited tiny clips of 8-14 seconds. The event not given or the date. My favorites recently, is one on YOUTUBE, where SKY NEWS has a woman anchor laughing at Biden and calling him senile, and posting a 10-second clip of Biden, standing at a podium, silent…. not talking… Not saying anything for several seconds. Looking awkward actually. And then beginning to speak slowly, thanking some folks. That was it. Again, no date or place given for the clip. No context. So what was it? Biden had JUST ASKED FOR A MOMENT OF SILENCE TO HONOR THOSE TROOPS WE LOST AT KABUL AIRPORT IN AFGHANISTAN. He had also talked about his son. It was DURING the moment of silence that SKY NEWS began the clip and then into Biden speaking sadly and softly, when the clip ended. THAT was the context. It wasn't that Biden was silent because he could not talk, but because he had just asked for a moment of silence. SKY NEWS was therefore creating a FAKE report and LYING to its audience.

    Another recent SKY NEWS ten second clip was of Biden speaking about the GOP Congress and making several examples about how Republicans spoke to him privately in support, but had to oppose him in public. If you read the full transcript, and the date/place of that edited down clip, you will easily understand the context. The woman on SKY NEWS didn't provide that, but instead, posed this challenge to the YOUTUBE audience: "If you can decipher what Biden is saying, I'll write you a check for $10,000." Again, the narrative by FOXNEWS and SKY NEWS is a relentless posting of edited clips and lies, to push a fake narrative. Just as Goebbels said about repeating a lie often enough. Go to C-SPAN yourself and look up: "President Biden Visits Shanksville Fire Department" (Sept 11, 2021). The video is only twelve minutes long, but the actual full context of the quote about the GOP Congress starts around the seven minute mark. You can read the written text also. Biden talks about what the Republicans want to do to defeat him, from fighting/boxing him on issues (eg, What DeSantis said about standing in the way of Biden and "…not wanting to hear a blip from you on COVID). Those were fighting words. Biden characterized that in his comments. But the way SKY NEWS edited the long explanation by Biden in that video, was done intentionally to further the false Right Wing narrative on Biden.

    That's the reality today. Republicans CANNOT fight Biden on the issues and win. Republicans fail in convincing the public that their policies are better. Republicans can only lie and produce FAKE AND FALSE video clips and scare the public with lies and falsehoods. Republicans today stand for what? –––– Redistribution of wealth to the rich; polluting of our water, land, and air by the slashing of regulations; the protection of the corporate Elites; the relentless attack on the Middle Class with wage and benefits cuts; the attack on women's rights; the attack on Black and Brown people; the rapid and radical resurgence of racism as a social protocol and "Privilege" for Whites only, and the destruction of the federal government into a partisan infected and non-Constitutional state owned by a new fascist oligarch that plays at being democratic. In short, the total erosion of our Liberty and Freedom, subsumed by the powerful. Now that would be sad.

  11. Common sense says that Biden has hidden his true identity as a Marxist/Socialist/Commie during his entire 49 year political career while getting filthy rich by getting away with a “crooked capitalist” identity. America thrives under ethical Capitalism but can be destroyed by politicians like Biden who are “Crooked Capitalists”.

  12. You/ may call them failures. But the left and communist would call what's happening a complete success . To destroy a country people and culture, you will do what he's doing. You need to demolish a structure to build back better

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