Rant Against the War Machine, with Jimmy Dore

The Grayzone is joined by Jimmy Dore to discuss the upcoming February 19 Rage Against the War Machine rally at Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial.

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate will also cover Sy Hersh’s bombshell report on the US destruction of Nord Stream pipelines, how Western sanctions have prevented earthquake relief efforts in Syria, and much more.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. I hope at least one of you registers a protest against Scott Ritter's unjust disinvite from this protest. I was considering attending but I don't know how to endorse organizers who show themselves to be craven poltroons. I'd rather organize an anti-war rally in my own community.

  2. 27:20 the Vivek chibber quote Jimmy is referencing

    "The liberalism that you talk about when you talk about identariansim, that is not an ideological hangover of liberalism that is a very active set of people pushing their material interests. The left in the United States is fundamentally and overwhelmingly a middle-class formation. … it's the first left globally and historically that has no connection to the working class, to the poor, at all… Its disproportionately white but its ALL middleclass regardless of its color. In that setting when youre only bringing middleclass people into your organization a big chunk of them are gonna say "we dont want to hear about poverty, we dont want to hear about the economy, what we want to know is when we walk into a room why arent we treated well? When we apply for the salaried positions at six figure income that we think we have a right to, why are we making five percent less than the other guy.Thats what the middleclass on the left wants to hear about- Vivek Chibber on the Michael Brooks Show 6/2020

  3. I could not call those people who oppose this as "Left". Even the "Professional Sectarian Left" That's not left. That's right.

    My guess is that the government is working fervently to undermine this effort in every way the CIA can imagine. And they will use puppets who pretend to be left to lead that charge.

  4. Scott Ritter backed out for the good of the movement… Which is TOTAL BS! He's one of the few people who actually knows what's happened on the post cold war strategic security front. I hope he reconsiders his decision to no longer speak at the event!

  5. Couldn't be better. You touched all of the bases. When we keep ourselves divided, we keep ourselves conquered. And in today's world, being conquered means being dead — or being complicit in the death of many others.

    A little more than forty years ago, I witnessed the U.S. Establishment — the media and the government — coming to the defense of Pol Pot. It shocked me to the bone, and led to me becoming an activist of sorts. Of course, the Establishment's monstrous war against the human race did not end with Kampuchea. In the 1980s, we saw the U.S. supporting death squads in El Salvador, drug-running contras in Nicaragua, Mujahedeen cut-throats in Afghanistan — who blew up the new schools where girls were being taught and literally cut the throats of the teachers — UNITA in Angola, RENAMO in Mozambique. Then we saw the economic strangulation of Iraq — where Madeleine Albright thought that killing 500,000 children was "worth it" — along with the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, with hundreds of thousands killed and organ-trafficking KLA narco-terrorists installed in Kosovo, followed by the use of "Shock and Awe" to create a new holocaust in Iraq, then the destruction of Libya, then the terror war against Syria and the economic strangulation and looting of resources that country is now subjected to. And liberazis like Maddow think this is just fine?! And "sophisticated" Europeans just go along?!

    How have we managed to fall so low! In war, truth is the first casualty — and sanity is second. And with the loss of sanity comes a loss of our humanity. So the struggle against war begins with a struggle to regain our humanity, our ability to think for ourselves, our independent moral sensibility, a struggle to stand on our own feet again, a struggle to open our eyes.

    We have diced and sliced ourselves. And the first slice, I believe, is our fashionable sophisticated contempt for communism. "Workers of the world, unite!" Marx did not say "Look Left" or "Look Right". Paraphrasing, he said "Look Up! Think vertical!" The enemy of humanity is not the neighbor who votes for a different "lesser evil"; the enemy comes from above! To stop the Empire's war profiteers from killing us all, we need a communist resurgence, and right now, the leader of that resurgence is — wait for it! — Trump. As Sarah Huckabee said, "Forget Left and Right! This is about Normal versus Insane."

  6. No common person in America wants war. They have been promoting war with Russia on American TV 📺 for 10 years and people have never wanted that. It's these maniac leaders that we've had, being Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and George Bush who are to blame and more importantly it's the financiers behind them, it's the members of the World Economic Forum who are truly to blame, the evil in this world comes from them. Money is power, almost every country on the planet has a central banking system who they work for, enslaving their entire citizenry, in the US it's called the "Social Security Number" -> that's your slave ID. 🪪

    The western banking cartel wants Russia under their financial control. This cartel has almost financially conquered the world and now they are going after territory they don't control. Buckle up 💺 it's like we were all born at the end of a Monopoly game 🎮, all the property is owned, and hotels are littered across the board. "Roll the dice 🎲 young man!" -> "Yeah, holy shit, about that..🎲 well here we go."

    I wish the commoners like me well in America, Russia, and Ukraine, we're all just workers in different economies living through a stressful time where we don't have much control. I think we may be living through the end. Here's to hoping that we can have a cup of tea together in the future 🍵🕊️

  7. Why did Scott Ritter pull out of the speaking engagement at the rally? He's the most passionate and the hardest working commentator against this war. Please convince him to participate. Thank you. 💪😎

  8. The price you Americans pay for your individual rights and freedoms is that your corporatised government doesn’t give a shit about you and just carry’s on dividing and pillaging the world right before your eyes.

  9. I won’t be there because I cannot afford to take a day off and my company forces me to work 6 days a week. If I miss a day , I could loose my job. All for a $17 hour soul draining job so I can live out of a broken down travel trailer with no health care or retirement. I am trite day and I don’t think I will be alive in a few more years.

  10. How many and who shows up for the March does not matter to me the event itself and what it represents is why I'm going to be there. At this time in history what could possibly be more important for the safety of the whole world 🌎

  11. Jackson Hinkle promoted the Russian invasion and said he was ww3 number one draft pick. He also has many clips of himself saying he only does things for the clout. The list of terrible things Hinkle has done is long. He isn't just someone with bad opinions too. He is a grifter and here to use the movement for money

  12. Thanks Max and Jimmy. In Australia, unable to attend but would be sharing your channels. Here the government has decided to remove all the CCTV after so many years in use that they now propagate the fear of China using these to spy on them. Such a joke following the balloongate saga in the state.

  13. There were equally massive anit-war rallies in Europe after Reagan deployed nuclear capable Pershings to European soil. The liberal left here has been usurped by what Christopher Lasch called the professional managerial class as the base of the democratic party just as unions were being destroyed. Interestingly Lasch also wrote a book about the US in the midst of all of this entitled "The Culture of Narcissism," the entitled, self righteous and patronizing neo-liberal class.

  14. Max had very good points regarding being able to engage in activism with people you don't agree with fully. I'm on the right, but I'm very happy with Max, Aaron, Jimmy and Glenn (and of course Seymour) opposing the absurd attempts to drag the world into a nuclear war.

  15. medea does a great job of disrupting a meeting with her speaking while running from security, but is that all? maybe refusing the proud boys a platform to mourn their azov nazi friends killed would make sense, but that is about it.

  16. Both Jesuits and Freemasons have the same motto: "divide and conquer, divide and rule". Jesuits write the script, Freemasons carry-out the script – they are the producers, directors, and bad actors involved in the staged drama we call "news". They control every governments, we don't have independent governments and haven't for a long time. Obviously Jesuit educated Klaus Schwab's "World Economic Forum" has hijacked the political systems with their "young global leaders". The UN was created by the Jesuits. Zionism and the Zionist state were created by the Jesuits. They want you to blame "the jews", but the House of Rothschild has always worked for Rome, they got their name from the red shield of Rome hanging over their door in the Frankfurt ghetto, and never could have become preeminent in world finance without approval of the Vatican (literally means "worshippers of the serpent"). Usury is forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church, so they have used "court jews" to control finance for centuries. The Knights Templar had the first international banking system, and they retired to Switzerland after the Crusades ended. Basel Switzerland is where the "Bank of International Settlements" is located, the "central bank of central banks". Basel Switzerland is also where the minutes of a meeting of Jesuits became the "Protocols of Zion", wrongly blamed on "the jews". In fact the "Protocols of Zion" explicitly state they deliberately created anti-Semitism, which real Jewish people would not do. Basel Switzerland is the center of power for the Papal bloodline families that created the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits, and control the world using their "grey council" and "grey pope", which controls the white and black popes. You get my drift?

  17. They should be an option for people who live far away to be present on the protest online and being counted as a voice against the war machine! Maybe live translation would work?

  18. During her early days at MSNBC, before I came to my senses, I thought she was cool.
    Now I think of Rachel Maddow and the neoliberal, corporatist, Wall Street, war machine "establishment" she fronts for, as demonstrably if not, demonically psychopathic.
    She disseminates unsubstantiated propaganda and blatant corporate state lies, indefinitely, unsparingly, and without a hint of self consciousness.
    In response to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), the dems finally went off the rails with their Russiagate contrivances.
    Their minds have been consumed by a technocratic mental illness they are unlikely to ever recover from.
    They committed themselves to a fabricated dogma of baseless delusion.
    As their conspiratorial ship of state, takes on evidence to the contrary, they seemed determined to go down with it.
    If we should be so lucky, then good riddance.
    They actually make republicans look sane and rational, by comparison. (jz)

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