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  1. Let me know what you think!

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  2. The only advice I can give you, based on what a very important truth deliverer does, is: keep a backup channel. If anything would happen to your main channel, you can always send people to the backup one… and keep posting there while you build yet another backup channel. It's also a great idea to have your important videos in the cloud; they can censor your videos here, but they can't censor outside videos. Maybe they'll censor the links to them that you leave, but that can be fixed. All's fair in love and war! And Youtube, ma'am… Youtube ain't about love. I hope this is useful!

  3. I was demonetized years ago. Then when they did this "COPPA" thing or whatever, I decided to make all my videos for adults only since I didn't want to risk getting my videos deleted, even if most of those videos are kid friendly. YouTube is getting really worried about the possibility that Trump is going to win a second term and they don't want people to think for themselves by watching videos like ours.

  4. Freedom of speak by our forefathers why? You tube are you doing this your to all the news stands there just reporting the news of upcoming movie or court hearing .. you attacking Darth and hacker unbellman. My god there not hurting you .

  5. I am so sick of this censorship bs. If yt had competition that wasn't censoring creators and creators started to leave and go to the competition. I bet yt would be begging people to stay. I enjoy your channel and you're videos. You speak your mind you speak the truth and back up with facts. Keep it up don't let them silence you. I know you won't let that happen. I am definitely subscribing to the back up channel.

  6. Glad you finally set up a back-up channel. With everything that's going on, I fear you're going to need it. You now need to start adding content to it, so people get used to going there and are already subscribed when/ if anything happens to this one.

    What Zack did (back when he was D&C) was to use his second channel for film reviews etc – stuff that didn't fit neatly on his main channel. It just meant it was already there and established as a permanent back-up when he needed it. Obviously things have quietened down for him recently, but he still uses it for film-related content even now.

  7. Hello Miss Tristen !!! I Have Listened
    Still Subbed, Like Button Illuminated !!
    Only the MSM has the Right to push False Narrative and outright Lie to us
    ANYONE with A Free Mind can see it That's Why I always come here to listen
    Note.Your intro The Bangles The Hazy shade of Winter you seem to using A lot more. Nice !!! ( Go Girl Power)
    The Cats are Fine. n keep the Truth N Facts Flowing

  8. kitties….
    try out "storyfire" combo between youtube and twitter.
    i saw the "content warning" on another channel but i dont think it was yours tho.
    just got this on your mirrored vid "The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences" with the button "i understand and proceed"

  9. Ridiculous to have the video removed. This censorship is horrible. If YouTube continues this it will soon destroy itself. Don't give up. Keep up the good work.

  10. Glad you brought up those two videos yesterday. Because since your "why I walked away" video…2 weeks ago. I have watched one. 6 days ago "batmen and Robin". Which appears to have half the views of the ones around it btw.
    I've been doing alot of scrolling too. Been avoiding many of my usual spots to preserve what little sanity I have left b4 the election. So not sure why they haven't been showing up. Even this one took 18 hours.

  11. I tweeted your video because if EVERYONE else can put up about this CHILD being a white supremacist, trying him as a adult etc showing him in a bad light so I did the opposite as I won't be silenced!

  12. I have always leaned to left and I always will. But silencing facts because they don't fit the narrative is fucking shameful. I love United States. Most of my fave bands, films and books are from there. I live in Finland and things here are like they have been and we are dong fine. Breaks my heart to see your country censorship it's natives. What a fucking crazy world. You all take care and stay safe. Cheers from Finland, Petri

  13. The stuff I want to say to you regarding everything going on, I really can't say here, though not for the reasons you might think.

    Bitchute is probably the most viable alternative out there, but it just doesn't get enough traffic to be any type of threat. Google clearly knows that.

    There are ways to begin to fight back, but its best I don't put them out there.

  14. Tristen, It's a blessing to have a wonderful woman like you who sticks to her guns on this platform. I am here to support you and your voice in anyway that I can. You are amazing!!! Never stop speaking what's on your mind and in your ❤ Never back down from these censor tw@ts! ? Hey, YouTube! Stop ? w/ my favorite channel, Nerdette's NewsStand!!!

  15. the freedom of speech was once a unifying thought on both sides
    i have aspergers syndrome so i have no filter but so many Americans are finding it hard to speak there minds with out being shut down and all we can do is talk louder even if it is to 10 people show them that we need to try and stand together as Americans and yes i mean all Americans from the ones descendant's of the founders to the 5 new Americans sworn in last Thursday and i subbed your bit shut too more and more people are going to go to that platform any way i for one will be watching you there

    P.S sorry for the lack of punctuation if i stop writing im likely to lose my train of thought

  16. I'm days behind on my watchlist again, so I'm only just now seeing this. I don't really have any advice, all I can say is personally, I enjoy the diversity of content. The only videos I don't watch are ones I know I'm not interested in, which is a very small percentage. Things like the Stargirl reviews, but I don't watch the show, so there's no reason for me to watch your videos on it. I am interested in and watch probably 90% of your videos though(as long as YouTube let's me, and actually gives me the notifications I specifically asked for lol). So my vote is for continuing with the wide array of content. But do what you think is best for you and your channel, I'll still support you regardless.

  17. Hi Tristen, sorry to hear You Tube is being a pain !! I guess the Health Warning was just a temporary choice before going this far. Some other You Tubers I watch, do a 1 min or less intro You Tube video, to say their latest thing that can`t be on You Tube is available here, in your case e.g. your BitChute Channel.
    I came across this the other day, hopefully you have not seen it, perhaps it will improve your day. see :-

  18. It's pretty bad when your internet goes out, so you use what little internet is on the phone (well at least until the bill is due) to save videos to watch later. Then you come back, there are parental advisory control on some videos, and others that control took down a complete video, but left it on your watch list.

    This is what happened last night to me. I think it was 2 videos of yours that YouRude took down. And yes, that is not a typo, but what YouTube will soon become (again)….well at least until the election is over.

  19. I have nothing to worry about. I am a very small fish and even more smaller dot in the YT Universe. I don't get any Views or Clicks. The content I post on here doesn't trigger anything on YouTube. All of my videos are harmless. But I do keep all of my content far away from political mumbo-jumbo and news reviews/reports. I am a Indie Author, Artist and Foodie Gamer. I actively keep out of the "Fires and Wars on Social Media" My content are Neutral at best. I do speak my mind, 100% but it's far from the Social Issues.