RAW: Novak, No Entry

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  1. I'm an Aussie, and while I don't agree with all the OTT covid restrictions here, basically it is our sovereign right to deny entry to our country to any individual who doesn't qualify.
    Tennis Australia has really botched this. ND's team has really botched this. Tennis Australia and his team should be the focus of the ire. And the Serbian President is just being silly.

  2. I support Australian government rules in general, I don't think anyone should be treated different if they a sports star or celebrity's. The problem is other tennis players have been given exemptions to play at the Australian open. This all sounds very political more then following the science or following the rules, no different then the last 2 years with everything that's been happening. Australia has a big Serb population and they are great people. The media makes out everyone in Australia is against Novak, which like everything is not the case.

  3. I watched a lot of it while it was happening live. Many of the "insurrectionists" walked in, took selfies, and walked out. The point was to have an examination of the results before certifying the election. I believe the law provides for two weeks or something like that. The electors were disputed in 1872, and the Republic didn't fall. Speaking of delays, what about the election of 2000. The delay was more than a month. Certification of a election should not be automatic.

  4. 45:12 – I don’t recall hearing anything Trump said that fanned the flames; can you give examples?

    I do know that Trump stated Peacefully numerous times; to not behave like the left; & tweeted out to leave and be peacefully after he was informed of what was going on, & stated that the NatGuard should be called in- which Pelosi refused, as well as refused to call in or even have full presence of Capitol Police on staff w/ knowledge that a large group would be there.

    Btw- there were feds in the crowds w/ at least one on a bull horn using inciting language to which others were countering him saying No, do not rush the Capitol or behave violently.

    Considering what we now know about Whitmer alleged kidnapping plot being nearly completely made up of feds & pd Fed lackey’s that led the entire plot.. Well.. 🤔 (they- Dems & media- did sure seem to have the headlines and talking points ready to go in unison)

  5. So those who pretend this was a coup/insurrection, can they please show us ANY charges made against ANY person/rioter that suggests treason, coup or insurrection?

    This is like the Trump Russia collusion crimes that after tens of millions spent on Mueller, how many charges were ever filed against any American related to Russian collusion? Again, zero such charges, and the only charges that came out where unrelated to Russia.

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