Ray Epps Damage Control in NYT; Bannon Trial Updates; Big Juicy AOC

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The New York Times attempts to cover up Ray Epps’ involvement in the January 6th protests. Judge Nichols confirms Stephen Bannon’s trial will start with jury selection on Monday. Big Juicy Booty Latina AOC confirms J6 was an inside job.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:28 – J6 Mindmap Recap
00:09:53 – Ray Epps Damage Control
00:29:22 – Revolver Response
00:30:54 – Darren J. Beattie Twitter
00:31:44 – Pamela Hemphil Twitter
00:35:01 – Secret Service Deleted Text
00:37:43 – Illegal Committee: HR503 Requirements Recap
00:39:18 – Bannon Trial Updates: Final Pre-Trial
00:53:38 – Jury Selection Questions
00:59:02 – AOC and Alex Stein: Context
01:09:32 – AOC Inside Job: Prime Time Alex Stein #99 ig Booty Latina and AOC Response
01:20:27 – AOC Inside Job (Clip)
01:22:00 – Mindmap Recap
01:22:49 – Youtube & Locals Community

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  1. You and I see the issues
    Why are all "judges" Not recognizing the issues
    Like judges never witness a crime
    Why are Attorneys not demanding treason by SEDITION charges.
    On Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi
    The Weasle from the fbi who swore to stop Trump under oath during the impeachment, and barr saying that's not irregular .the certifying the presidential election body
    Saying that's not irregular

  2. Remember 911
    Joe Biden is making deals with the people who attacked us the Saudis

    19 of them attacked the Twin Towers and more, Traitor Joe.
    Is making deals with the people who killed that Reporter

  3. I like the way you make all the points that shows just how much j6 committee is so one sided and doe does not even even try to have a level playing field.
    All this stuff is a sham but you put some humor in your details. You show the evidence and videos that we will never see in the news papers or the mainstream TV media.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Hundreds of riots, burning, looting, loss of life, by BLM/Antifa in summer 2020. Much worse than 1/6. Minimal incarceration, minimal prosecution, certainly no "1/6 Committee" hearings.

  5. Epps is an FBI false flag operative. This man needs to be prosecuted for inciting the riot and we will discover the FBI agents (probably the wife beating swinger who false flagged the Whitmer ''karennapping') who set up the Jan 6th false flag. These agents need to be put away for a long, long time.

  6. Anyone that is serious about getting to the bottom of J6 only needs to answer one question. Who benefitted from stopping the certification hearing? Nobody that supported President Trump wanted to stop the hearing. It was the last chance to discuss evidence of fraud and illegal activities surrounding the election. Nasty Piglosi and her minions made sure that nobody would hear any evidence.

  7. EV-ER-Y-ONE is going to have AN OPINION …
    Anyone who says they don't, DOES MORE THAN MOST. Puuuure BS (PBS) is probably more fitting.
    Orale Frija AOC … Quiedes un taquito ..?

  8. Alex Stein didn't use the word a** either, he fake catcalled her because of a tweet she sent out saying everybody wants to date her.. what a pitiful narcissist she is. Also did you notice her boyfriend didn't even stop and come to her defense yet she blames the Capitol police for not telling Alex to step back . Then she asked where are all the real men..ummm you obviously are not with one.. maybe check your own home front first.

  9. Read about the National Socialist Reichstag Fire
    Jan 6 was the Democrats doing the same thing.
    They also managed to stop the hearings on the evidence for challenge to the electors on National TV
    Remember most Americans never saw the evidence just heard it was the cleanest election of all time
    If nothing else that myth would have been exploded

  10. In one clip when Epps is telling the patriots to enter the Capital building, so patriots are heard saying, fed, fed, fed. Those guys figured it out very fast. What leverage does the FBI have on Ray Epps or how much did the fed pay him?

  11. Steve Bannon's legal team need to argue that DC is full of liars, how can anyone place their personal freedoms in the hands of political liars. One can look as recently as Sussman! Political leftists have an agenda that they believe warrants lying for!

  12. Do the Democrats realize that most people are not listening anymore. Don't care about Jan 6. Look at all the cities that were almost destroyed by "mostly peaceful demonstrators" and absolutely nothing was done by these wonderful leaders. I am so done listening to the B.S. Don't believe a word of what they are saying! Don't even care!!! Destroyed the commerce of this city. Tired of listening to lies.

  13. But there was already a bunch of people on the terraces early in the morning! Breech does not make sense to me because there were people next to the building very early… Like 7:30 am central time.

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