Ray McGovern: Historical Context for Conflicts in Ukraine

Ray McGovern is a retired CIA analyst who was head of the Russia desk and delivered daily briefings to two US presidents from the 1970s to 90s.

This talk was hosted by Regis Tremblay on July 8 2022 as part of the Global Conversations series, with a description: “Ray McGovern’s presentation on the history of US provocations against Russia helps to understand Russia’s position on the special intervention in Ukraine.”

Re-published with kind permission from Ray McGovern..

Written by Consortium News


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  1. Ray this was a brilliant video you just put out. You nailed it and took no prisoners. Some hard truths but we are the better for knowing them. Coming to a sage understanding of what we are looking at via your talented expertise shared here and possibly avoiding setting ourselves up to learn it the hard way, by taking uninformed blundering sides, was my take away. Thank you for taking the time to do this video.

  2. Thank you for taking time to thoroughly explain the TRUTH. Those of us watching already knew. Unfortunately, those who need to know will never hear or refuse to accept. The Truth Always Comes Out. The hubris, arrogance and greed of the US is disgusting and embarrassing.

  3. I'm not sure if this is just verbiage or some offhand joke at 18:30 But I really hate this 'blame it on elections' meme that's being propagated all around for all sorts of things the uniparty does.

    I'm aware it's part of a presentation, but holy shit, this type for disinfo really needs to stop.

  4. You’re wondrous Ray. You’ve given us a simple, truthful and clear narrative which is what we are all entitled to. The benefit this video has is your lifelong experience in the Russian desk of US intelligence. I feel privileged to hear not only your factual description but your philosophical reaction to this unconscionable turn in global relations. I have seen Mearsheimer’s recent foray into EU academia in Florence and was utterly dismayed at the level of ignorance and understanding. Those in the audience appeared to be captured by a kind of religious belief.

  5. 5:28
    Ignored, overlooked, whitewashed, obliterated from mainstream history texts …
    there are aspects of history which are essential to nuanced analysis of
    Western/Russian relations….
    The actions of various Western states, working in unison, during the early years of Soviet Russia –
    spanning both hard and soft power**, did everything to cement cynicism in Moscow,
    and nothing for genuine, friendly relations.
    (**i.e. the mission to destroy the spread of ideas which posed a threat to
    the various political/corporate elites across Europe/north America)
    Foglesong – one of few U.S. academics to explore this forgotten history – video lectures
    available on this platform.

  6. Thank you, Ray McGovern, for once more doing for the oublic what you used to do for Presidents and Vice-Presidents. This looks like a true intellignence briefing. Granted, we know that your resources are more limited, in this case, but the professionalism is second to none, and these days that matters considerably.

    We truly do appreciate it.

  7. The lack of education on this kind of history makes lethal mistakes that are repeated.
    Unfortunate people of Russia and Ukraine are being used as a global battle field.

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