Razör Roasts GAMESCOM 2022


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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. Video gaming absolutely sucks now. If I didn't have the inertia of 35 years of being a hardcore gamer to contend with, I would have quit completely by now. My children are being encouraged to skip the hobby entirely, along with cinema and music.

  2. Sony are a complete joke with the PS5. they are RAISING the price.. !! ???? console is still not available in stores , scalpers grab all the ones online and on FB now there are ads for how you can "register for a CHANCE to buy a PS5" … i'm still using my PS4 from 2016 and imagine i will be for foreseeable future. especially since the "Ukrainian" cost of living crisis/energy crisis looks set to steal every fkn penny from me

  3. Dead island 2 already has me at half mast. The first was great mechanically, but the tone was either so monotone it would put you to sleep, or so whiny you'd want to put the character to sleep with a Louisville Slugger.

  4. The game industry's malaise is really hitting hard. I've found several new games to play and really enjoy this year, but as a whole the industry still feels shut down from the "unsafest and unsecurest flu in history", paired with some awful trend chasing adding to the dullness. And don't think indies are some great savior, I sure love to play hundreds of games about a young girl hopping on lily pads that is some unsubtle allegory for loss, anxiety, climate change, or coming out as trans, maybe all four at once!

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