Razör’s Post-Debate Damage Report!

A debate that should have had a Brazzers logo in the lower third.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Yes, debates decide dick. And polls provoke prattle. I subscribe to the Chuck Klosterman system: There's 50/50 odds – something will either happen or it won't.

  2. Why are we using the system set up by the media we all hate? Honestly why don't we just sit our candidate down, sitting President or otherwise, and ask him what we care about? Because I would really like a straight answer out of Trump on a number of issues.

  3. Idk. Trump being trump shouldnt have hurt bwiden as much as it did.
    But fairly certain the facts were on bidens side on policies.
    I mean, trump mocking masks and then getting carried away in a helicopter because he contracted covid, Is a hilarious irony you could only pretend not to see.

  4. "debates decide dick", exactly, they dont change shit.
    Anyway, I really want to know if Razor thinks Trump getting covid will affect the election.

  5. Biden has had the same debate style for decades! Trump definitely could’ve been better prepared for it, if I was Trump I’d never agree to a debate moderated by Chris Wallace! Not a chance! Wallace wants to call out the Proud Boys?! All the violence in this country has been from the left, all of it! 100%! A Biden Presidency would mean the end of the USA as we know it! It would be a hate whitey festival everyday, reperations and communism, white v people would be sent to re-education camps to deal with their imaginary white privilege, that’s if they’re not slaughtered outright by BLM’s!

  6. If opinions are like arseholes cos everyone has one then mine and razors are kin cos I see it the same in most if not all arguments , Im crazier tho and take it further one thing which could be a beehive of things debatewise is that I believe there is a possibility that Boris and trump have been coincidentally infected on a coincidentally pandemic year when economy employment and production were at a sky high before pandemic.
    after the public was actually using their votes to bring two metaphorical and ancestral blue bloods to power that have way more in common to the working man than those in their class's or field it's oh so right we see videos of papers claiming that Obama and Cameron and every fucker was giving money to wuhan labs jus as Obama was saying there will one day be a pandemic that will destroy a 21st century economy, I believe in a bit of coincidence but fuck it's all stinking worse than a vindaloo after a day of digestion.
    Boris Johnson is believing whatever the Fuck some "experts say" because he's been through ventilator treatment and should have had the most easiest honourable job since Churchill or thatcher in the advent of brexit but has been infected overworked over propagandised and been given scorn from every side u look at, he is now a slave to globalist pharma and doctors and will do whatever because he had virtue but is a shell months in the job, I fear the same is happening to trump right now if he dosnt die a leftist dream then he will at least be weaker or more mailable to malicious interests foreign and domestic.
    I fear that all us freedom loving men and women and everything in between will become animals on a world scale once again in the near future God bless and God speed to us all.