RBA Expected to hike rates by 50 Points

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A 50-point rate rise is expected from the RBA this week.

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  1. People are still going for broke (literally) at the shops. There's no way we will escape further hikes, probably at least another 150 basis points over the coming months.

  2. It's good for the economy for rates to be going up to their normal long term averages. Finally some stability in our financial systems wil rule instead of this craziness we have had for the last 30 years. For those in the minority who have done their due diligence on their investment decisions then no issue. For all the others god help you!

  3. The general consensus of bond and money markets is that the OCR will rise to 2.85%.
    Future predictions for late next year are for an RBA OCR of at least 4% but more likely 4.15%. With increasing geopolitical tensions, market uncertainty and growing Inflation, those numbers will highly likely be revised upwards. Due to volatile energy and food supplies and growing costs, we will see, this northern winter, increasing civil unrest spreading in Arab states the UK and Europe, African states and Baltic states among others. There will many calling to exit the EU amid growth in populist politics based on harder stances of anti immigration, nationalism and defence.

    There are only two options in this market for any currency based on debt. Option one is that interest rates are raised to quash inflation, thus leading to deflationary or stagflationary environment accompanied with austerity for most people, businesses etc. Or central banks keep rates where they are or lower, embark on more QE, create more money, buy more government bonds and devalue the currencies through onward inflation.

  4. There are three factors that can bring about a substantial house market decline.
    We already have one and a half of those three factors. They are: 1) A higher than healthy house price/ income ratio.
    2) High mortgage/ deposit ratio combined with high interest rates.
    3) A rapidly growing unemployment rate.

  5. Rates should be at 7% at the the very least. As long as the RBA continue to limp behind the rate of inflation, the rate of inflation will continue to grow exponentially and the AUD will collapse, similar to Europe and the UK

  6. I really don't understand central banks. It seems like their rates are always too high then too low. It's like a closed loop PID controller with too much proportional gain and no dead time compensation.

  7. The Government had deeming rates of 2.25% for pension recipients when the cash rate was .2% to get them spending and chasing returns that involved more risk than a term deposit the worm is turning and having savings is once again becoming attractive for the risk adverse

  8. Integra type r in UK 13000 pounds , but Australia has 10% import duty plus 5% custom duty plus the other bullshit taxes . May as well buy one in Australia $30000. Ra grade 396000km bid in Japan 978000yen that $10000 aud before shipiping but ra grade a write off in Australia cant pass compliance

  9. The RBA just like all reserve banks have no clue what the neutral rate currently is. It is only some time AFTER (eg 12 to 18 months) the neutral rate is exceeded we find out what it was. There is no way that with core inflation in the 6pc that neutral is 2.5pc. It’s not how the monetary system works. This is just more smoke and mirrors from the RBA trying to fool the media into thinking they set the agenda.

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