RBA Lifts the Cash Rate to 2.35%

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Interest rates surge to 2.35% as the Reserve Bank struggles to fight inflation.


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  1. If bank interest rate is the price of money, then inflation is the price of interest rate!!!

    Of course the ABC has pre-recorded stories, only a blind man doesnt see the monthly rate rise.

    We cannot have cash rate running below inflation rate, that will decimate our Aussie dollar. Think Turkey, Lebenon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

    1. Cash rate will hit 6%, to match inflation, at the very least

    2. Inflation is not coming down if the labour market remains strong. More people chasing diminishing supply of goods, price can only go up.

  2. Historical long term cash rates sit at about 4-5%. I find it amusing that people today are outraged that they have to actually pay interest on borrowed money now, that it isn’t free. What a world we have become.

  3. Money is still really cheap… If it stays too cheap for too long… The results will ruin the masses anyway as prices for everything rises and they can't afford the bills anyway. IMO the damage is done and now we will reap the rewards of issuing hundreds of billions of iou's. What many people today call money.

  4. Go Rob & the RBA!!

    It was the bed wetting Labor state premiers who wanted $$’s printed for hiding.Ozzie’s where to busy fighting over toilet paper to realise that they were being played 🤦‍♂️

  5. I can answer the sob story part: Yes, they save them, I was interviewed about rising rates etc and how it will affect me, I could tell the interviewer was getting frustrated as I would talk about locking in a low rate and now been worried etc, she was trying different angles to try and get scared or upset answers from me, long story short the story never went live because it didn’t fit the narrative, they instead kept using sob story pieces and yes they do the stories ages in advance and plan when to plant it 😅

  6. Stop promoting the phrase 'Russias invasion of ukraine'…those who know history laugh at it because 'ukraine' never existed pre 1919…its all Russian land and people, the Communist occupiers (who were dzews) created it to divide Orthodox Russia and weaken it…similar thing happened in Germany 1918 with the creation of Weimar republic by dzews

  7. Interest rates are not the problem.
    Over priced housing is.
    Everyone should follow simple rules when it comes to investing in any asset class.
    1. Reversion to the mean for valuation.( For Australian Property 6/1 Household Debt to income).
    2. Buy low and sell high. ( If you buy now your a fool ).

  8. When i was a Accountant banker in a small new bank in Australia we worked on 1 % margin, just to cover the cost of the bank, and that was still barely making money, to cover the overheads.

  9. Everyone is complaining about the cost of their mcmansion but no one wants to be a half owner of a house with either their children or parents. When interest rates were 18% that's how l got into the housing market for the first time. Stop wanting it all with your first house

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