RDA announces its’ legal action against Victoria Police

RDA announces its’ legal action against Victoria Police.

We will be talking to the lawyer running the case. Mani Shishineh and the plaintiff, Matthew Lawson.

August 21st, 2021 was the day Victoria Police started using rubber bullets on innocent peaceful protesters. We think this is excessive force and we plan to prove that in a court of law.

If you are a witness to this event OR you want to contribute to the legal costs, check it out here –


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  1. I will send you strength Monica Smit. I can not come in physical presence but I will come with projecting astral travelling. You and many of you are NOT alone. We are the ones the darkness fears the most. Some call us Starseeds or rainbowchildren and we came to this earth taking human form to be the light for the people who needed it the most in these times. We are many and some of us is very, very strong. Those who knows and am like me, take great care of your gifts and work together now, we need as many of us as possible to help protect these very brave souls such as Monica Smit.

  2. The last thing we want in Australia
    2021. Is a neo Nazism.
    Or neo communism.
    For ourselves or God forbid
    For our litle kids.
    My message is this .
    For the sake of my children
    And my grand children
    Stop it now before is to late.
    Or heads will roll .
    God bless

  3. Monica.
    Needless to say your are a champion, a beautiful, person
    And .a jeane d, ack
    Ala australien.

    Thank you for all you doing
    For our freedom and children's
    I was born and bred in a totalitarian. Dictatorship.
    In Western Europe.
    That lasted 45 years of Calvary
    Never again.
    God bless

  4. Absolutely Brilliant…
    Praise God Almighty for ALL TRUTH in Jesus name. Amen.
    God always wins no mattet what…. But we never to take God For Advantage.Amen.
    Bless this lively Gentleman in Jesus name. Amen.
    What a Lovely Gentleman indeed💝☺😊

  5. The South Australian government proclaimed today that it wouldn't be possible to visit the aged care facilities if the visitors weren't jabbed. That's terrible. There are so many candidates for more legal actions. Good luck with your case. I am not very confident about this, but, we have to fight this dictatorial system!

  6. First up kudos to you for pushing for truth and justice for the battlers, get the trigger man's body cam footage, details of the police protocol for use of non lethal methods of crowd control, upto and including deployment of weapons capable of firing rubber projectiles. Kia kaha from concerned kiwi cuzz.

  7. Monica you are an example and an inspiration to this country. Imagine having you as a Premier or Prime Minister…WOW. Show the australian people what is to have legitimate INTEGRITY, ETHICS, MORALS, RESPECT, DECENCY OF CHARACTER and STRENGTH to stand up for and defend those values. Well done woman!

  8. Remember that video when a cop grabbed some unsuspecting dude calmly talking to other cops , and throwing him to the ground where the dude cracked his head on the pavement audibly? What happened there?

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