Reacting To “Maternal Instinct Is A Myth That Men Created”

Dr Carole Hooven reacts to an article “Maternal Instinct Is A Myth That Men Created”. Is there anything innate about a mother’s love for her children? Does Dr Carole Hooven think that men are secretly plotting to convince women to love babies? Are women pliable doormats?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. My mother abandoned me when I was an infant, was sexually and physically abused for a decade with no maternal role model, and when we reunited there wasn't a huge or I love you until her last days. I had a child when I was 28, and I just took on that mantel even though I was alone, no question, doubt or regret. My child has always been my number one, he gave me purpose and is someone I have always loved unconditionally. Those who call these instincts a myth are pathological.

  2. Congrats to the wealthy child less cunt who has enough contacts in media to bless the world with allowing us a glimpse of the magnitude of absolute mental aids these socialites circle jerk each other to. It's fucking revolting, and expect this world of self loathing weaklings to scarf it down until Mother nature is done cleaning the gene pool.


  3. Lmao yeah no women created that shit.womens intuitions much yeah in reality, a lot of parents dont like their kids.just because you have children doesn't mean you will like them as a person.some people love their friends children more then their own just cause of compatibility reasons alone.but no men didnt make it.we just figure give it too them what do I know I am just a man I didnt pump it out lol

  4. Sure, there is maternal instinct, but not every woman gets one. If they all did, I'm certain CPS wouldn't be so busy, foster care wouldn't be so busy, and so many other situations wouldn't happen.
    Satoshi Kanazawa discussed women who don't have one in his intelligence paradox book.

    I have heard of the absurd argument that men created the myth of maternal instinct. Some argue that it was created during the industrial revolution, where children no longer carried a financial incentive with them.

  5. After watching my wife the past 13 months with our little guy, I can confirm, maternal instinct in woman IS a REAL thing. As a man, I can confirm, I did not force this upon her. Also, I feel very odd saying all this.

  6. About 80% of modern human females have left offspring in the past 200,000 years, the science says, far as I know. This means 20% of modern human females in the past, did not. To me this suggests a natural pattern: Not every woman is meant to be a mom. Maybe evolution had a reason, for feminists. Maybe they help support, those women who decide to be moms. The mistake feminists make is, they think every other woman just wants to focus on careers over families. This is the "everyone must be just like me" mistake. It's the same mistake progressives and conservatives make: everyone should think like I do. My view is, people can believe what they want. Diversity of thought and inclination seem natural to me. And good. Other people have their own reasons for believing what they do. Or maybe they just feel that way. That's ok. Not everyone has to be like me. ✅

  7. It's not a myth, it's quantifiable. For example, the first close contact with your baby after birth will produce hormones to help a mother express milk.
    Where do these crazy people come from?; I've never paid any attention to feminists, I've always just seen them as the crazy single aunt. Can't we get them all into a knitting club or something?

  8. I think its fair to say that both parents have parental instincts. Neither are made up or social constructions but are instead necessary evolutionary traits learned through countless generations of reproduction and the protection of children.

  9. My sister didn't have a maternal bone in her was everything. Until she had three kids…hormones and instinct kick in after child birth. It doesn't happen for all but if it didnt happen to most women… the human race would be doomed. Also…if its not present in all women…what do we say about gay men who dont have a woman to fall back on that de ide to adopt? Do men have zero maternal instinct? And it is maternal not paternal…we are taking high skin contact, feeding changing and baby talk to stimulate cognition and language. This is not the usual paternal role of provider and disciplinarian.

  10. Oh you know I'm going to comment on this one. Motherly love is selfish. If there was something I created that actually came out of my body, of course I would love it. It's a part of me, it came from me. But as it gets older, loses his cuteness and starts to form its own separate identity I may come to resent it. I'm a constantly reminded of everything I've done for it, and how it should repay me. How it's embarrassing me, the neighbors are talking. The supposedly motherly figures in my life serve their motherly love with a big heaping dose of rat poison. The women I've known whether romantically or friendwise, have a hidden selfishness underscoring every single thing they say or do. Yes they feel sorry that you broke your legs in arms in a car accident but at some point it just creeps them out too much to come see your crippled ass. They're not more benevolent no more compassionate than men. They just are initially, like the wrapping on a Christmas gift. The box is mostly empty, and the gift is cheap. Men can be very unreasonable, but we're not irrational. Women can be very reasonable but they're not very rational. To them one actually does equal three.

  11. Immediately tuned out when I heard the guest speaker say "I think her heart was in the right place."

    We don't need to play devils advocate just for the purpose of sounding egalitarian or to counter our own arguments before we make them

  12. I think it is dangerous denying the maternal instinct. Allan schore presents robust research.. Symbiotic relationships between infant and mother is unique and essential for the development of babies born underdeveloped so that the fourth term takes place after birth. There may aspects yet to be discovered. Men are not the enemy the elite are.

  13. I raised my son independently, in a country that I wasn't born into, with a different language, culture and norms, that believed mostly that only women were caretakers, but stayed without thinking once about leaving him. His mother had, I guess, a "basic" level of maternal instinct but wasn't really invested in having a family. Years later, my son is at university starting his life and I regret absolutely nothing, not one minute of his life. I've had what so many fathers miss. I know my decision was right. I'm rewarded personally beyond belief.

  14. Fathers develop their instincts towards their infants, toddlers, and children. And there is biological, hormonal, and social mechanisms involved without question. There is also a cognitive and decisional aspect to behaving as a parent. That is also undeniable. Variations in testosterone, oxytocin, etc. in fathers does have behavioral correlations vs those of single and non-parent men. The injection of sociopolitical ideologies of the woke times is atrocious. And so is the rigid right wing masculine/feminine genderized roles in society, as they proclaim them as fact and immune to relevant improvements according to the time in our humanity and socioeconomic culture.

  15. Wokesters are sophists. They employ distortional rhetoric to assert the unprovable and patently ridiculous. But their jazz comes from the number of sheeple who go along with it. Previously you could only say these things and get approval from the most leftist university systems. Like wildly left. Now it’s basically normalized sophistry in the vast majority of universities. So the problem here isn’t the author. She’s a sophist. It’s with the NYT whose editor printed it. That is who should be outed and shamed.

  16. Great comment by Dr Hooven: “Let’s look at every non-human mammal.” Argument over. But sophists study manipulative rhetoric and they will not relent when faced with this sort of common sense mixed with massive, overwhelming empirical research. They have the answer. They just keep asserting that someone in the deep dark past, usually “magic men” (another great term used by Dr Hooven), manipulated women and society. It’s called a circular, or self-referencing, or tautological argument and polite, intelligent, civilized society would not allow such sophistry because it’s just manipulative lying designed to disrupt and weaken society. Love Chris—he does a good job of both listening to his guests and referring to past guests.

  17. Let’s add a new slogan (SJWs are big on slogans) supporting motherhood: “My baby, my body, my choice.” You might add “FO” too if you like, but the slogan will do.

  18. One thing I've noticed about female friends of mine who were really into their jobs/careers prior to having children was that once they had a kid, they didn't want to go back to work and wanted to stay at home with their child, and were dreading their maternity leave ending. I don't even have kids, but when I'm around them, maternal instincts kick in and no one is forcing that on me.

  19. Well I agree it’s a social construct because mothers were/are allowed to bond with the child via oxytocin and primary caregiving. If fathers are included in the birthing and caregiving of the child they also bond with the child. But in many cases fathers don’t do that that’s why they see their children as strangers or someone trying to get his money in child support. That’s a result of socialization.

    Similarly if mothers are denied the bonding and caregiving Eg surrogate mothers they do just fine. If mothers are raped they do just fine letting go of that child. If mothers face hardships or big lifestyles changes in childbirth they can have bonding issues Eg post partum depression

    And yes it was created by men but it’s maintained by both men and women. because who created gender roles and women aren’t smart ideas and who was in charge of early hospitals and medicine which said only women shd be present at the birth and the father just get told the news afterwards?

  20. Ask people who breed animals and they will tell you that yes there is a maternal instinct, but that a small percentage of mothers don't have it, or have a malfunctioning version. Some aberration is to be expected from the nature of evolution. My guess is the feminists who push this idea that it's a "social construct" don't actually have the maternal instinct themselves, and either project that out onto all other women rather than accept that they are missing something, or try to gaslight everyone into thinking that they are normal. Any mammalian species that doesn't have a maternal instinct will go extinct.

  21. She's incorrect with her statement saying in a natural environment babies can survive without a father but cannot without the mother. So the mother while just giving birth and caring for an offspring is going to physically manipulate the environment and defend against other humans/animals trying acquire the same resources needed for survival? Men protect and preserve life and without them human offspring almost have no chance to survive in "natural" environments.

  22. Female lions and other female wild animals become naturally way more aggressive and reactive when they have cubs. That's maternal instinct…the tendency to try to paint everything gender based as a "social construct" is just wrong and ridiculous.

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