Reaction to Joe Biden and the Abysmal August Jobs Report, Plus General Banter

Job growth came in way below expected. 49:16:


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  1. The facepalming thing about "To Catch a Predator" was that the Portland based group who set up the stings was called "Perverted Justice".

    So most of the men would just tell the judge that they were set up by perverted justice.

  2. basically joe biden is helping republicans more by being there than by being impeached but i think a lot of people just want to see him get impeached as "payback" for what they did to trump. however, this feels like the right "high ground" type of play because it will force the democrats to deal with biden themselves as he slowly becomes more and more demented to the point where they can't ignore it anymore. once he does they'll try and use that against trump based on age but it doesn't matter, trump will spin it and make them look even more incompetent when it happens and all the people that voted for joe biden will go into hiding and deep depression if they're not already there

  3. This doddering old fart with his stupid, fake, attempted earnest "I'm just trying to make you listen to me, the aggrieved victim" affectation and his "pay your fair share" catchphrase. So sick of it. This circus needs to end.

  4. with the texas law i think it's less about the actual abortion laws and it's more about giving legal recourse to private citizens and hopefully scaring the shit out of these clinics who have been performing mid/late term abortions. that, and i think it's hilarious how many libturds will be too scared to move to texas now LOL hopefully it forces a few of them to actually move out of the state in protest that would be great, fuck 'em let them go back to commiefornia

  5. The amount of Trump's accomplishments Bidenis Pervertis is taking credit for, I might as well give him props for all the sh!t coming out of his mouth, giving me actual diarrhea and taking a huge dumper!! Thanks Joe!!!

  6. Dementia riddled biden , I'm so happy that we have joe Manchin! He is the man with the power , he can strike dwn beiijing bidens communist puppet policies that Xi and Putin helped coauthor , greedy globalist piles of retard sperm !

  7. The Left always talks about "fair share", but never defines what that means…
    Fair share is always means More and More money for the government…that is why they never define it, since it's an ever changing target.
    Fair Share is just a disguise for the left's greed.

  8. This is absolutely unsustainable. We need a Republican sweep of Congress in 2022 to water down the damage this shit administration has, and will continue to inflict upon the economy. We need to open up completely in all 50 states and end the handouts.

  9. I love that Biden is such shit that he has resorted to trying to (poorly) mimic Trump.
    I can just see one of his idiots saying, "the peasants seem to respond to bragging…try that!! YEAH!! TRY THAT!!"


  10. Someone finally brought up an alternative to super chats, that's good. And yet, despite hearing Google's cut is a whopping 40%, folk continued to donate just as frequently, even slamming the pot with 50s and 100s!

    Styx, you ought to overcome your tech aversion and get a non-scamming option going. If you're gonna milk these reaction streams, at least let folk throw their wallet at you without Google catching it midair! It'll be all the more money for you to stock up on caffeine till kingdom come — there is a service named ko-fi, at that. "No fees," supposedly. Otherwise, Streamlabs or Tip Jar… something, dude. Give your Twitch base the option, too. Nevermind subscriptions, they take a 40 or 50% cut from new partners, as I recall. The gem bits thing a la super chat are similarly scammaz.

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