Ready For Plaza Accord 2.0? (Here’s How To Prepare)

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  1. “There is not a shortage of dollars in the system just banks willing to create dollar loans”… ugh George how is this in the end not exactly the same thing???

  2. 'Dollar' by definition simply means an ounce of silver. As it is now, we are using 'silver substitutes' in digital and paper form…a.k.a fake dollars. When this mega Ponzi ends, we go back to real dollars, Physical silver.

  3. 16:00 excellent questions George. This problem has been identified before: Keynes in the 1940s, Triffin in the 1960s, your Milkshake buddy Brent Johnson these days; but how can it be solved and what exactly is the central problem?

    Surely the currency represents the commerce between countries as well as confidence between countries in this or that currency?

    But isn't the dollar value, in this rising DXY scenario, indicative of money flooding into the dollar, whose price is rising so it will become a self-fulfilling feedback loop driving it ever higher until something breaks?

    If the DXY is moving higher and higher, where are all these dollars coming from and going? Are savings in various banks around the world moving to actual dollars or is money being transferred to American banks or are people buying US stocks or what? And why? Because the US system is the most open and liquid? Surely there must be other centres on the planet which are as open and liquid? Japan? Switzerland? Europe? UK?

    It's a very interesting problem and one that perhaps the BRICS are now trying to avoid by using their own currencies – having seen the effects of currency manipulation since the Plaza Accord 1985, Mexican Currency Crisis 1991, Asian Currency Crisis 1997, the 2008 debt bubble and now this?

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