REAL Reason Novak Djokovic Was Stopped By Australia At Airport

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  1. Well the rules would apply to you and me. As far as I’m aware Australia will not allow people who have not been vaccinated to enter. unless they are exempt for health reasons. Unless I’m wrong it’s an open shut case. Considering he’s probably one of the fittest men on the planet.

  2. 0:39 japan because they have allowed the use of Ivermectin and their cases went from 24,000 cases a day to 158 and now with omicron have only gone back up to 2,400 today. Unlike our change from 26,000 from the same date to 193,800 today. By the way, the population of the UK – 68,424,733 Japan – 125,400,00 so don't let anyone say yeah but there are fewer people in Japan so there is less chance to catch it.

  3. The visa was written under certain constraints an one was that he fill in the appropriate and correct forms with proof,this was not done to the satisfaction of the border force let alone other gov departments,and so if anyone wants to cross our borders the all must do it correctly.however Djocovitch is an overly arrogant person that thinks he can abuse the system for his own arrogant wants,we Austalians are here to tell anyone that they have to abide by our country's laws as would be with other country's laws and respect our law system of government,he is not special here he is the same as any other migrant.period.

  4. I believe this is a propaganda stunt! To highlight Australian tyranny! He could of just rang and asked if they would let him in but that would not have made the MSM.

  5. You are wrong with your analysis…..As usual this has nothing to do with Health or Visas….This is a Power play……The Premier Dan Andrews wants the prestige and money to flow from the open tennis to get the people of Victoria to forget his last two years of political and police brutality of the last two years..he has an election this year….The Prime Minister Morrison also has a Federal election in May and wants to be seen as a strong man on border protection….where he did nothing to protect us Aussie citizens….These are totally evil and corrupt individuals as well as their Labor and Liberal Partys.

  6. I rather hope that Mr Djokovic set out to play them at their own game and show them up for what they are. He is talented, independent and wealthy enough to take them on.

  7. What a lot of bollocks. The tennis authorities who are desperate for income, thought that they could dictate who was allowed into the country or not. The reality is that they don't and the Serbian was well aware of that.

  8. Obviously not. He is confined to whichever renegade players that don't get vaxed that want to get together on a court somewhere with no fans and no title and for no money with no coverage. Just street ball tennis. You have the right to say no to the Vax but the world have more of a right to health and safety than your misguided idea of freedom. Go ahead say no. We are not stopping you. But, you cannot play in our slams, hockey leagues, basketball leagues, fly on our planes, use our malls, schools, libraries, doctor's offices, and restaurants where the rules say no to you. That's our right as well. And the longer this pandemic goes we will see who is free and who is quarantined and cordoned off from society and life.

  9. If these are the Australian rules regarding Covid they apply to everyone entering their country rules are rules no matter your STATUS. One example was France refusing entry to people who have had their jabs but weren't approved by France but approved by WHO, example the AstraZenrca from Israel was given to many people in the UK without their knowledge were refused entry, rules are rules. This is my own opinion

  10. These are the current laws in Australia and the medication is not on the list!
    He is not exactly a captive, he has not been jailed but the Tennis star refused to accept the law and still tried to get in so the Police had no option but to arrest him.
    And you Mr are an Arshole!

  11. it isn't a 'peer pressure'; it IS because they are all of the same mind – to absolute control of what population remains after financial/social destruction. Its called 'serfdom'; surely the UK knows that word. Now its being forced on the world. The leaders know, the leaders agree, the leaders desire the same.

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