Rebecca Long-Bailey sacked by Keir Starmer in battle for soul of Labour Party! (4k)

All I can say is that we dodged a bullet there by rejecting the Labour Party at the last General Election, didn’t we?

The Labour Party still seems to be intent on tearing lumps out of itself. Even though it has managed to elect a more acceptable face in the shape of Keir Starmer as its leader.

But it’s not as if it didn’t have to happen sometime soon is it?

So, while huge swathes of UK workers face a jobs armageddon at the end of the year, the supposed party of the workers seems to be more intent on engaging in internal blood-letting at the moment – or maybe at the Momentum.

There is a hard left anti-semitic grouping that has managed to recently get hold of most of the levers of power within the Labour Party.

But they had to accept Keir Starmer as the new Labour Party leader instead of the ‘continuity Corbyn’ Rebecca Long-Bailey – because they recognised that Corbynism is what sunk them at the polls.

But what Momentum wanted was a wooden figurehead that pointed where the real captain of the ship – Momentum – steered it. A figurehead that looked the part without acting the part.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. It has been reported for years that the Israelis were training the US police force and this is the first time I have ever heard anyone deny this. Sounds like we are changing reality to suit someone's agenda.

  2. Rich coming from your lot. Boris Johnson made comments that are unambiguously racist, referring to black children as picaninnies and black people generally as having watermelon smiles, yet he’s in charge of the UK ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  3. the Labour left are not interested in getting Labour into power but in creating a clique just interested in power in the party.
    They don't care for ordinary people !
    Well done Sir Kier !

  4. The reason Starmer is a 'acceptable face' is because he's more palatable to the right wing billionaire media and corporate elites. Corbyn on the other hand offered up a transition to something that would've unsettled their power base, they would not accept this.

  5. Adolf Corbyn is gone and his Gangster tribe of left fascists anti-semites will do themselves in ever more. These politically correct underlings and wacko followers will be brought into the lime light. Thank you Mr.Starmer.

  6. Last night on Youtube I cut into little pieces my Labour party membership card, cancelling it and the recurrent stuff because Keir bowed to the Zionist lobby, ignoring the very real crimes of the leader of that lobby Ma Hodge and turning Long-Bailey into a pariah for telling the truth. Keir had his chance and for myself, members of my family and friends… we have walked away from Labour because we see another Bliar on the make. Just remember on Hodge's watch at Islington, 33 of Britain's most wanted paedophiles vanished as she whitewashed one of Britain's most prolific and sickening care home abuse scandals, remember too the saturday screaming sessions on the town hall steps, the destructive policies forcing male children to the back of the class to "empower" feminism, the Standard's Nick Cohen built his career on exposing the evil cow and she has the temerity to even speak in public is galling but we can't criticise her because of her religion… One little fable Ma Hodge likes people to imagine, is her in it with the British during WW2… she lived in a 5 star hotel in Cairo, paid for by the collaborative father whose steel mills in Nazi Germany never got nationalised. When SHE has gone and her New Labour brood I might rejoin but Keir chose to protect the liars and punish the truth tellers… he blew it.

  7. Garbage from start to finish. US authorities are now reversing their policy of having Israel don training on their police. Amnesty International criticised Israel police training and links Floyd's death to it. Are they antisemitic? Starmer sacked Long-Bailey because there will be global protest and potential war against Israel when they annex parts of Palestine and she would be at the centre of protest in the UK.

  8. The Guardian states that Starmer is more popular than Boris.
    Typical guardian rubbish, he's not even popular within his own party especially the loony left.

  9. What a relief that woman in “has been thrown off the labour cabinet she’s just a little girl brainwashed by the left-wing brainOf a rocking horse as much charisma as a wet mop and Heaven she is gone
    All little stammers Gotta do now is get rid of the rest of them and trying to get the shadow cabinet and Labour backbenchers going forward as one unit ditching the hard left

  10. I am all for a sensible Tory government right now but we really do need a credible opposition to hold them to task. We ain't got that right now and maybe not for decades.

  11. The labour party tearing itself apart is good news ! It should be replaced by the brexit party as the opposition to hold the conservatives to account in Brexit!