Recent Civil Disturbances Worry Voters, Protests HUGELY Affect What Leaders People Want In Power

Tim and Ian examine recent Rasmussen findings that show people are worried about rioting and protesting in their localities, and that this factor really does affect their views of who to vote for.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Funny how you mention the Left's refute of the treatment of Muslim's in China. Front Line Documentary aired on PBS: "China Undercover". Watch it Lefts, cuz it's coming from your side. Front Line nor PBS have EVER been accused of "right leaning". Pay very close attention to how 5G Tech is being used there, and understand this is how the Marxist agenda of BLM YOU ARE SUPPORTING, intend to use it themselves. Funny also, how these pseudo-intellectual professor's (whose epitome of "white privilege" children are rampaging through the streets nightly) believe their pseudo-intellectualism will save them! History has irrefutably proven, upon creation of a communist regime following violent opposition, massive pogroms ensue. This getting rid of "opposition" is also used to get rid of OTHER undesirables, and 9 times out of 10, free-thinking "pseudo-intellectuals" are among those first to go. You need to be reading less "political science" and a little more HISTORY.

  2. there are no riots, its mostly peaceful. only something like 2 percent have been other than peaceful with small bit of fiery-ness. you all are just racist white people. its really no big deal.

  3. I'm a retired Federal firefighter living in Florida met my wife 27 years ago in high school. We have three great children one lives with us here in Florida and my daughter and other son live in Massachusetts where we are orginally from ..
    And I'm so so so worried about one of them get hurt . I have saved lives my hole life but if these arrogant BLM or antifa hurts them I would send peices of that person to every Democrat Congressman and senator this shit needs to stop

  4. From what I heard today from someone who has family in Lancaster, they have facial recognition cameras all over the place there. That's why they were able to ID and pick up people so fast.

  5. I don't think of Trump as "smug". I think of him more as a "happy warrior". He genuinely seems to enjoy the battles, the challenges, the results – failures or successes – he likes the process. He'd probably appreciate a little more acknowledgement from the press when he DOES succeed but he's even turned the press into an "opponent" of his and he happily goes out to do battle with them as well. Biden is simply a smarmy, insincere individual who looks for the shortcut, every time. It's not respectable.

  6. Democrats started out defending the protesters until Democrat politician’s homes and their place of work also became attacked then they changed their tune. For me it was literally night and day. The mayor’s home got attacked because the protesters wanted the police gone and they threatened his family and the very next day Biden suddenly condemned the rioters, he no longer referred to them as peaceful protesters. What does that say about how he would run the country? To me it is very deceitful and shows where his heart and mind stand on important issues.

  7. “Peaceful protest works”

    You know what works better than screaming at buildings? Calling your representatives and scheduling a meeting and bringing a subject to their attention. Come correctly with evidence and data to support your position and lobby your representative – and get shit done.

  8. It's funny how they wanted police body cams, but they've never vindicated anyone. They've always been used as gas for the fire. It's been a waste of money, or worse- just a reason for riots.

  9. Trump, a whiny baby? Nah! He's laughing at all the whiny crybabies ranged against him. That expression on his face isn't arrogance, it's confidence. There's a big difference.

  10. I'd vote for neither candidate. The left hates Trump, and the right hates Biden. So, here is the solution: Don't vote. If neither candidate receives the minimum votes the entire election would have to be restarted with new candidates.

    But there is a problem with that… if the right does not vote, Biden and the left will win in a landslide, because the people who vote Democrat will always vote, and will almost always vote democrat.

  11. Here's the bottom line:
    Violent protests will continue regardless of who is president. These 'movements' PREDATE the Trump administration. Trump is just a 'good excuse' to garner mainstream appeal.
    The Biden administration would pander and attempt to negotiate and incorporate public policy that is distilled from these groups and thus potentially and fundamentally upend the American way of life we all know and love. Meanwhile, the people rioting and bullying will only learn to keep doing what they're doing because it works!

    The Trump administration will only do so much to appear sympathetic to protest groups. That idea of severely limiting the impact of political and social policy changes brought on by violence and bullying is the main difference. The Trump administration would also have a more hard line on violent rioting in any respect and thus limiting its existence to begin with.
    In the end, it doesnt matter how you protest and riot and what does or doesn't work in regards to trying to effect changes in our society if your policy or philosophy runs counter to the interest of the majority of people in your region or country. That's because Americans by and large know what they want for this country. They don't want communism and socialism. They want equal opportunity to pursue capital and a life of abundance with some soft social programs to help those who fall by the wayside. It's just obvious to anyone with half a brain to understand this.

  12. In California: Lan-castor – Everywhere else: Lanc-astor. Everywhere else will come around, some day. (As a lifelong CA resident, I AM KIDDING! about everywhere else. Pronounce it however you wish.)

  13. The only ppl that I could understands being anti Trump are deep state Hollywood elites, pro athletes & the 1%. Outside that, if you don’t want Trump to win, I’ll have to assume you’re a broke ass that doesn’t work or have a career where they have a 401k otherwise you should be our voting Trump m, taking your neighbors to vote & doing whatever else you can to get him elected bc your retirement depends on it!

  14. Riots only work if they go all out and drag the people in power out of their houses and execute them. See, French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, the end of Mussolini, and various Eastern European dictators. Riots sometimes work, but only in the bloodiest ways.

  15. I love how the left tries to frame the riots as Trump’s America. We are smart enough to know the killing that happened to trigger the riots was not the reason for them to be riots and continue. We understand the spoiled rich kid mentality of most of these kids and know it isn’t Trumps fault. We also know the US is a republic and the local leaders are at fault.