Recession ALREADY HERE?: GDP Shrinks As Key Indicator Flashes Red | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar kick off this week on Breaking Points by analyzing the new GDP data and key economic indicators pointing towards a recession arriving very soon

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Niko Lusiani:

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  1. Krystal with another hot garb finance take. All of the futures contracts that she says wall street is influencing are bought and sold by the commodity producers themselves to lock in profits and deliver at a later date. Anyone can buy these contracts, but if you hold them to the term you will be expected to deliver said commodities at the expiration of the contract. If producers believe that they can sell at a higher price than the end of the contract date they will reject the contract pricing and store the commodity. Don't bother thinking of the supply and demand of futures contracts or the nuance of spot pricing. Just get your one Wall Street dig in to look like a true rebel.

  2. To fight inflation you need to do a few things:
    1. Raise intrest rates to near the level of inflation. This process has barely started.
    2. Cut Govt spending on things that are not necessary. This process hasn't started at all.
    3. You need to unwind the supply chain mess. No one in the govt has done anything from what i can see. (Using the US Military to make reccomendations to fix the supply chain is a good idea. The US Military's ability in logistics is one of the best if not the best in the world. Supply chains are by definition logistics)
    4. You need to encourage oil production and refining. Dems seems to be completly aginst this.

    All periods of inflation this high are followed by recession. Biden admins ability to deal with both inflation and recession is very doubtful considering what they have done so far..

  3. Hilarious how all these super pro-vaxxers that have gotten a million shots and shamed everyone for refusing forced vaccination are now ALL coming down with positive tests! Its almost like getting all of those immuno-suppressing injections has had a negative effect of a persons bodies ability to fight off the virus!
    Woooow, who could have known?!
    Oh, thats right. All of us who refused to get the injections.

  4. Stagflation and the low unemployment rate is a mirage…there are a huge number of potential workers sitting out bc of government entitlements…when that goes away, more workers join the workforce, businesses and the economy thrives, number of product increases driving down prices…free market always wins…always

  5. I mean yeah printing 80% of all money ever printed in last 22 months may have a reaction on the economy. They are literally robbing us on that printed money and on the inflation on the back end. Instead of taking rich people's money they print and raise inflation to recoup losses. Creating a corp run monopoly on all business.(essentially the gov) Only way to lower inflation is competing business. Most small businesses are long gone. We're done as a country lol. Would you rather have one big orange tree or a million small orange trees. We need to decentralize power. No wonder they are all corrupt.

  6. I also got COVID for the first time at the end of last week and through the weekend. It is going around like crazy. Not going to lie though, it was quite mild. No fever or loss of smell/taste. Mainly headaches, body aches, dizziness, and mental confusion/slowness.

  7. It's so pathetically sad that our 2 political parties can't dig up better people than Biden and trump. We should feel deeply ashamed of these parties.
    I can think of several candidates who would be excellent.

  8. First of all, Saagar is the GOAT. Secondly, this isn't surprising. Unless you're among the elite, you feel that the recession is already here. MAJOR pain for everyone else. Thirdly, get well soon, Krystal! 💖

  9. I rarely tune in to Breaking Points because Krystal is basically a female version of Ryan Grim, which is not a good thing; but Saagar really is pretty good, he needs to dump that chick and pick up someone like Kim Iverson instead.

  10. Hey pretty sure YouTube is messing with BreakPoints. I’m subscribed and typically get your feeds consistently. Haven’t seen anything from you guys in over a week. Forgot to check in until i saw one of your polls. Just want to make you aware.

  11. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the downturn could be being exacerbated by the very powerful with levers of power to reset this moment of workers having a tiny bit of power.

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