RECESSION CONFIRMED?: GDP Falls Smacking Biden In Face | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk about the GDP falling for the second straight quarter which usually means America is in a recession

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Jordan Chariton:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. How long are you Americans gonna keep putting up with your government lying to you every day – with the help of the media -they are taking you all for complete idiots. They lie about not being in a recession and y'all justify it because of a low unemployment rate which IS ITSELF A LIE!! You let them continually get away with bragging about BS figures for unemployment that they have been rigging for so long now it's a joke!

  2. Man this Biden Presidency sure is f-ing inclusive. Everyone is hurting financially from his administration and the suffering will be in every facet of our economy. Inclusive and diverse suffering. Hey, that's also the theme of socialism!

  3. but wait, there's more! If you act now you will receive the inflation reduction act of 2022! a 33% increase over last weeks inflation. Yours now for the low price of 87 gajillion dollars. Printing presses are standing buy, print baby print!

  4. I don’t know why krystal or Sagaar can’t see the intentionality of this move. Biden has 20 advisors/cabinet members connected to black rock. This fed move further drains private capital from the market and into the hands of the largest owners… oh wait isn’t that also black rock? Living on the whim of Bidens oligarchs is not going to be pleasant.

  5. Not sure about presidents past Bush since I am not that old but it seems like every time we have a Democrat president there is a recession. Any thoughts?

  6. Hey Krystal and Saagar YOU COULD BE HEROES if you can start a successful campaign to STOP STOCK BUYBACKS – they were banned after the Wall Street Crash after being found to be a major contributor to the disaster! After the 2008 crash the Obama administration was persuaded to "temporarily" suspend the rules preventing buybacks in order to help the recovery – BUT IT'S GONE WAY TOO FAR and should have been stopped long ago – but because Board members get rich from inflating their share price, they will keep on keeping on!

  7. Democrats are trying everything to get re-elected. I'm waiting for the next group of Stimulus Checks to try and get people on board. Most people care about feeding their families, their jobs, and how they will survive.
    Edited: People hear billions for other countries, hundreds of billions for corporations and projects, and several billion here and there. What they don't hear is what the administration is doing for them.

  8. Biden's problem is that he truly believes "the market" will correct itself. He is too weak and feckless to crack down on corporate greed. He needs to take a page from FDR's playbook. We need strict consequences for corporations that increase prices and blame "inflation" when it's not necessary to do so. And those consequences need to be actually enforced.

  9. Even Powell said we are not quite in a recession and said future rate hikes will be small and then the stock market went through the roof. CNBC and later on MSNBC had Senator Warren, she was really good explaining how what the FED is doing doesn't really control inflation pressures.

  10. The only reason we have a 'low unemployment rate' is because most of the unemployed have run out of benefits. You think we aren't in trouble? Go to Portland, Oregon, walk around…notice the tent cities along the freeway, look at the rampant crime all over the city. Our politicians are arguing what color to paint a house that's on fire. Then they argue about the definition of the colors. 🤡🌏

  11. Housing in my area (Maryland) agrees; new permits and new projects (subdivisions + new commercial) are both down significantly. For one jurisdiction I submitted the 39th project of 2019 in the second week of May, the 36th project of 2020 in the first week of June, and the 37th project of 2022 in the first week of July.

  12. DC is so stupid. We have been in a working class recession for what 4 years?

    The stock market indicators dont measure the on the ground.

    We know even if the government is to stupid to know we are in a recession

  13. This happens when you destroy the country on purpose , Biden denies recession but is happy wants to rip us apart ! He couldn’t be this stupid all programs hurts us

  14. "Well it depends on what the definition if is…is." -Democratic president, 1998
    "Well it depends on what the definition of recession…is." -Democratic presidential administration, 2022

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