Reclaim the Line – Melbourne

A nurse speaks some truths at Reclaim the Line in Melbourne, before meeting up with Rise Up protestors to then march on Parliament House.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Experimental genetic medical 'procedure' with multiple adverse effects and totalitarian contact tracing = The 'Final Solution' to the ideological 'problems' of overpopulation, population ageing, welfare budgets and climate change! Forthcoming enslavement, genocide and ultimately extermination of all 'listed' and 'not yet listed' Australian citizens!

  2. Andrews is a dangerous ,unstable person ,whom the majority of Victorians have rejected,he needs to be removed by any lawful means ,no discussion, quickly,and make it absolute and final.

  3. I am Deaf Disable and Indigenous and my Government won't let me go to my home…. They have made me homeless. Double dose won't get you into your home state. It's a lie!!

  4. I'm 62, I have lived under many different democratic governments, this is the first time I have really become seriously concerned. The lies and distortion of truth is overwhelming.

  5. personal/bodily autonomy … we are a nation inclined for freedom, hold the line, my body my choice is the position we must take against idiots like pro mandate advocates Brent Zerafa and Simon Marshall of the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry.

  6. Stand strong Aussies! Follow the money and you will see these jabs are not about our health and safety!! MSM is the biggest propaganda machine spewing covid fears 24/7 helping line the pockets of greedy politicians who are shaking hands with pharmaceuticals and big businesses.

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