Record Men Are Dropping Out Of College (and it’s terrible for women)

Men are dropping out of college at record rates according to statistics. Why are men dropping out of college? What does this mean for modern masculinity? Why is this a crisis for the dating market? How are women hurt by there being fewer men with college degrees?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. In india there are Universities which have seats saved for women only and there are also women only universities. So women get 2 times easier to get into universities. While men have to compete with each other. Even if those seats which are left which saved for women are vacant, they wont give it to men, they will keep it empty.
    In india everything is about women this women that. Nobody cares about men here

  2. As a European: My law degree did cost me all included about 10k in fees and books. Would i've gone to college at American prices? No I wouldn't have… not worth it. I would have learned a trade, opened my own business. But 200k debt for a law degree… naw…

  3. Stop using federal tax payer dollars to guarantee college loans and you will see the end of the bull$#!+ Degrees. Ie people will attending college to get a real degree and the male female numbers will level out.

  4. Personal opinion … the recognition of the Benefit/Reward for the lost 4 years – plus, the real shelf life of a college degree (providing real long term value and a continuous refresh cycle) makes a college degree (especially in non-required areas) more risky and more costly long term. The internet has provided a significant amount of "on demand knowledge" that can be learned incrementally, and without the worry of "grades" only the worry and risk of the fail/success cycle, which is more important to a long-career, than learning some "theory" from 1930 economics and attempting to apply it to modern technology driven societies or economies. I believe there are more "men" (males) realizing this and opting out.

  5. Idk about all the stats and assumptions, but from a perspective of someone who used to be a woman in college, a lot of my girl friends would be in majors that required a lot of empathy and care. I was in IT and only 20% of the school were girls. But other schools that dealt with education, nursing, art & design, or caring for children were overwhelmingly women. I doubted why I was in school when I could easily do a boot camp and still get a job. The job would probably not be the dream job I have rn but at least it’s something that could pay decently. But a lot of those other fields i mentioned don’t have that luxury. You still need a degree to work in a lot of these professions, which is probably why not a lot of women are quitting and pursuing a trade since most of those women i talked to are genuinely passionate about their career. That’s my two cents

  6. I like how this video turned into them bragging about them selfs at the end also the bullshit of them taking about chads as if these guys aren’t way better looking than the average man yea they can really relate to us who falls for this shit lol

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