RECORD Number Of Employees QUIT In August, It Is A ‘Great Resignation’

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join critical theory critic and commentator Wokal Distance to analyze the record-breaking number of employees who have chosen to quit their jobs.

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  1. Problem isnt vaccine mandates. Prpblemmis shit wages. Where I live an average house is about 35x the take home pay of a min. wage worker. So one McDonalds shift, like the entire workforce, couldnt afford an average starter house if they all pooled their money. Thats a problem.

  2. Corporations are stupid. They charter boats of their own instead of holding the regime accountable. If all of these corporations said no we won't comply and told Biden to stuff it this would end. It would end up in another massive turnout at the captial demanding his resignation as the incompetents buffoon he is.

  3. The more government control you have the worst in the world will get they work for globalist Criminals there’s sole purpose is to have control over us and own us like slaves

  4. I work for 4 Seasons and we are struggling to find people. All the directors aren’t getting any applications from anyone. No one is willing to work. We have to wear masks indoors and get a temp check but we aren’t forced to get vaccinated yet.

    They are so desperate they are flying people out from other states where their locations 4 seasons hotel has closed and bringing them to other states to work. And my location pays $5-7 an hour more than minimum wage even for basic positions.

  5. As one of the truck drivers that quit my job in August I'll say I left my spot at the big blue store for a m-f job. That's what alot of drivers are doing because we're tired of running hard all week long. Yeah the pay is fantastic but family life sucks

  6. Biden has a 47 year record of failure and getting wealthy from being a public servant. Hell we should all run for office! We would get a pass like the rest of the rulers in DC.

  7. We are seeing the same thing in Australia, in fact the discussion is more along the lines that working from home (and seeing working hours increased, losing your sense of home/work balance, trying to home school and generally being expected to participate while being forceibly locked up, people, including me have said fuck it!).

  8. Oh there is definitely some supporters of old Joe. They just figure it is all Trump's fault that all of this is happening and that its covid causing the problem. I have plenty of family that feels this way

  9. It IS time to call every Democrat and Republican that is running in the midterms and tell them TO IMPEACH BIDEN NOW if you want to improve your changes to stay in your seat ! We will not have an economy or a republic for much longer if we keep REACTING. It's an offensive or loose.

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