Red Flag Laws Can Go Horribly Wrong In Our BROKEN Culture: Emily Jashinsky

Emily Jashinsky examines the community and civil breakdown currently poisoning the gun control debate.

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  1. The rioters who attacked cops were infiltrators ( if cops were even attacked, no proof of that), who were trying to cause what happened but I'm sure with the plan to get real trump supporters to act like animals. There's literally videos of them trying to do that, and being called out. And even one showing a real supporter confronting cops on why they weren't doing anything when that guy tried to break the window.

  2. A free country. 
    As a child you are free to be left behind an without parents, neighbours, teachers… 
    who have the time and the ability to help you not to be the omega animal of the community.

    A big me too campaign of omega animals or something like that; creative, people loving minds needed.
    But its much easier and cheaper to stigmatise and concentrate on guns.

  3. Seems like there's a selective tolerance of violence.

    This guy is not informed enough to be talking about his solution

    How about reporting on each incident of crimninal hand gun violence in Chicago as much as these incidents.

    When people get serious about arresting thugs and about allowing people to defend themselves, I'll start listening to them a bit more. Until then I assume that they have an agenda or are ignorant.

  4. I appreciate the conversation and the thoughtfulness put into it. I would like Ryan to use his same argument on right to vote, I think he would re-work it. The purpose of a civil right is that you need to be 18 to qualify.

  5. To the obviously, and I say this with all due respect, self emasculated male co-host, what part of the Second Amendment do you not understand..? The right shall not be infringed! Try this, focus on identifying who are the outliers and follow the plethora of laws already in place to identify them… but, you cannot penalize the majority of law-abiding American citizens that have their right to own and bear arms! Jus sayin 😉

  6. Young lady made made an excellent and observant point, the Buffalo shooter happened in a state with red flag laws… and yet, wasn't identified as a risk… Hmm mmm

  7. Way to conflate two things that aren't anything alike. The detainees at Gitmo were not being given a day in court and were being held indefinitely, which is unconstitutional. The J6 rioters have not been deprived of any rights and are being given their day in court. Y'all just keep getting worse with your radars

  8. I have my LTC in the state of Massachusetts. It took me 6 months to get it AFTER I had to take a REQUIRED class ($100 and at the leisure of the firearms marshal of my city to process it) The application ($100) required two letters from people..addresses and phone numbers..NOT FAMILY, that could vouch for my character and that I was of "sound mind". The system here is set up to jump through hoops, it seems, to deter people from ever getting a gun licence. To stop before it even begins. For law abiding citizens this process is annoying BUT I do see the benefit of when it comes to deranged people who have quick, easy access to guns.

  9. Unfortunately Ryan, every suggestion you're making will be struck down by SCOTUS. The main issue with your suggestion is that the 2nd amendment is the only qualification for gun ownership in the US. You can't create a new qualifier, you have to create exemptions.

  10. The issue of mass violence is definitely tied to mental health. Whether by vehicle, fire, disease, guns, etc. All industrial societies have traditionally used mental hospital facilities in a more encompassing way than today and the incidents of mass violence, both minor and major, were extremely uncommon.

  11. Thank you for being truthful in your definitions of "assault weapons" and "red flag" laws. Far too many reports stretch definitions for an agenda.

  12. Right because a criminal who is ready to commit a heinous crime is highly concerned that their legal firearms were confiscated and isn't prepared to obtain them illegally?

  13. Emily, this is my thinking exactly. In a society where the label of "terrorist" is being flippantly used against political opponents, the red flag laws will be used to ensure that political opponents cannot legally purchase guns. That is, without a doubt, how it would go down. So the question is how do you provide reasonable restrictions on who can buy guns in a way that can't be used politically? It's a tough one.

  14. We live in an age of post-modern thinking and that is the biggest challenge. Post-Modern thinking prevents the possibility of agreed upon definitions even for things that have been clearly defined for DECADES.

  15. "Shall not be infringed" is one of the most absolute statements in the constitution.

    You want to change gun laws, then change the 2nd amendment. Just face it.

  16. Blame societal decay on the gun. Whatever…

    If we're going to take away the 2nd Amendment from legal adults then we are saying they should not be viewed as legal adults. They should not be tried in court as legal adults. They should not be allowed to vote. They should not be allowed to join the military or be eligible for the draft as we now have to reassess this current generation of 18 y/o who has clearly fallen short of basic citizenry and the responsibilities and privileges that come with adulthood.

  17. We're not the only country that has guns, we're just the only one that has this issue. We could look outside of our borders to see what's been effective elsewhere.
    It's simple unless you believe that any gun restrictions are tyrannical.

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