Redacted Tonight Ending Permanently & Here’s Why

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  1. Bro, I am wearing my MOC t shirt ( from almost 10 years ago) all week as a tribute to you and all the great folks that were let go over at RT America. It’s a fucking disgrace. As An American, I am ashamed and embarrassed. This cancel culture on a global and political scale will end in war. Mark my words. Good luck to all the citizens of Earth. Keep fighting!

  2. It’s not so much a conspiracy Lee it’s a monopoly all of these media are owned by JP Morgan’s Monopoly of companies and floorplan finance and I’m sure you know that. I figured about five days ago when I seen they were going to sanction RT that you would probably be going however you do have a following base, you have email list I think you could still keep going on your own show on your own website just Broadcast every so often like once every two weeks or once a month whichever you can afford to handle. Comedy is needed and truth is needed as well and sometimes complement to expose each other together better than anything. Morgan is losing control we are realizing everything wrong in this country is because of what they did for their companies moving them outside of USA etc. You should see the death threats load up on my phone when I hit a nerve.
    I would try to just do the most important stories you think you can have an effect on that affect our lives. When we get the bad shit out there to the public we force the other news to it to report. Or we are taken away from them that they’re no good

  3. Just heard on Jimmy Dore's show your news and immediately subscribed to MOC! Keep fighting and all the best for the future, you are one of the very best around. Warm regards from the UK.

  4. Redacted Tonight and Chris Hedges were fantastic….. but I do think when a "pendulum" swings one way, it has to swing back, and this shutdown of free expression will get its backlash in due course

  5. if you think that the us establishment is goin apeshit about THEIR ongoing of the ukrainian conflict, you should go to germany/some countries of europe. i consider the usa still does this shit for some abstract reasons. the german outrage is just filled with racism and revanchism and most are even REAL supporters for nazis in the ukraine cos theyre one themselves. they dont even care about ukrainians, they dont care about putin hismelf. theyre about cracking russia open to plunder its markets and exploit the working people.

  6. Kinda realize I let the YouTube algo swerve me away from keeping up with Redacted Tonight. Every dissident outlet will be shut down slowly and, yet again, the liberating aspect of technology proves to be an illusion. All that really matters is who is holding the club.

  7. Moves like the RT takedown also intimidate shows like Democracy Now into being compromised garbage. It's almost comical how obsessed the elites are with any dissident voice that has any audience. They are utterly terrified of the truth.

  8. Never heard of Redacted Tonight and I do remember when the media was not so controlled by a few rich asses. The 1950's, 60's, 70's had a single person that could not be shut down that called out all the bad, backhanded, screw the American people, type politicians in the Federal government until that person died of old age just as GREED IS GOOD took over in the digital age! The only view of living all these years is this is a very primitive planet with every generation having psychopaths gain power by any means because they are scared of everyone and oh yes, God(s) has nothing to do with any of this as it keeps the mind too limited to just live life!

  9. Where are all the cries about "cancel culture" is what I want to know. Not long ago people were screaming about Joe Rogan getting cut because of racism now people are cut for having a different opinion and complete silence from the "anti cancel culture" police.

  10. I am a proponent of the 1991 2+4 agreement limiting NATO expansion, especially with regard to Ukrainian neutrality.

    I frankly concede the security issues in Ukraine, including the Western alignment of the previous and current Administrations, and the cessations of the INF and ABM treaties, as justifications for the Russian intervention; however, realistically,

    ~ the Russians themselves compromised the credibility of Russian state media by the recent passage of a new draconian censorship law, including 17 year sentences for "misinformation about the military";
    ~ the unilateral decision by RT's directors to downsize their operations was the most logical next step.

    Frankly, Russia's new, explicit regime of censorship ~ and, in effect, propaganda ~ has critically compromised the credibility of Russian state media with all foreign audiences.

  11. RT getting shut down is ridiculous behavior and is only going to lead to more cancel culture. Soon you'll only be able to get the information the industrial war machine wants you to have. Assange was just the start

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