Reddit CEO Is LYING About Banning The Donald Subreddit, New Rules Allows Anti Women Posts??

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  1. Didn't a bigwig on reddit write illegal/controversial content on the Donald using someone else's account a few years ago to justify banning it?

  2. "We are banning hate speech. Except against people we hate."

    There was somebody, about 80 years ago. His name escapes me at the moment, but he did something similar. Certain people couldn't be criticized, especially by certain "other" people. Those other people though? They were too powerful, and a detriment to the greater good. THEY could be criticized. THEY could be silenced. THEY could have their power stopped from them, be marked, isolated and targets of violence. THEY could be rounded up, loaded on trains, forced into labor, murdered…

    Arbeit Macht Frei, right Jack?

  3. I have always wondered what would happen if the minority pandering globalists got their way, would they pander to white people who make up 13% of the world.

  4. So they mean global majority considering reddit is international? Too bad Wikipedia deleted all the data on their 'World Demographics' page that relates to ethnicity. Seems like they're almost trying to hide a pretty obvious truth.

  5. ah yes making rules that literally spell out how the same exact offense will be treated vastly differently depending on who does it/who it's done to. So much for equality. Yeah this isn't about fighting hate… quite the opposite in face. By making rules that literally let you hate on one group but not even throw a little shade or even present real science about other groups you get banned is just going to further divide those groups and breed resentment between them. You couldn't have done a better job creating hate supposedly in the name of fighting it

  6. Reddit sucks anyway. The culture is either incredibly toxic, or incredibly stupid, depending on which socially destructive subreddit you're viewing at any time.