Reddit Goes Insane, Deems “Groomer” a Homophobic Term for Some Reason

My choice to not use their stupid platform is prescient:

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  1. Nancy’s husband has turned in to a total drunk now that he can’t go bang kids on Epstein island. The black book was hidden cause every democrat politician is on the list along with video of them banging the kids

  2. Just remember this, people. These people's beliefs are based on the f-cked up studies done by Albert Kinsey and John Money, the former they call "the father of the sexual revolution". Both of them conducted sick sexual experiments ON CHILDREN. Kinsey did one ON BABIES. For Money, look up the Reimer twins, it's a real horror story. With the Reimer stuff, you can see the sickness of people trying to make their toddlers and adolescent children "trans" and what effect it will have in the future.

    Might I also point out, the ACLU has come out and said(falsely), "Kids are capable of understanding sex," or something similar to that effect.

    While I'm on the topic, maybe I should also point out that isn't it grand when the Fembots argue about Trans in Female sports, but we forget entirely that they're trying to eliminate masculinity by making all the boys into girls? Oh right, nobody gives a shit about a topic unless it's about Women, my mistake.

  3. The comments sections on the other platform are free speech and if you're going to respond to people there is where you oughtta do it. You and others ask people to migrate, set up accounts and then dont engage there. At least you do engage Ill give you that. I know theres a shit ton of people so you cant get to everyone…. thsts about all..
    Peace out

  4. It's stupid the mods are using it as excuse to ban people, but here's the reason:
    It's because that FALSE accusation has been leveled at gays since before I was born. That is to say, it IS bigoted when used as a false stereotype.
    Conservative NPC's (the original SJW's) use it as an excuse to attack literally any gay person being in any media at any time and justify their blatant discrimination that if replace "gay" with the words "l3acks" or "Gews" they would oppose. (I have to mispell b/c youtube autodeletes any post with 'certain group' names) They do it to continue the oppression they grew up with where you couldn't show any gays, leading to the stupid mis-perception gays existing in the numbers we do "is an agenda". The reason you see so many of us now is we're not AS afraid of being gaybashed / murdered for being gay and having the cops let the murderers go. I'm still gonna stay armed at all times, though.
    …Now it's Woke juries that do that if our premeditated murderer is a I3lack guy.

    But I know not to expect any intelligent views, logic, or replies to this fact, just OSJW* REEEEEing and hate-filled bigoted stereotypes.

    *OSJW = Original Social Justice Warrior/s

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