Reddit Is Collapsing, Power Users Exposed, Political Bias And Manipulation Are Destroying Big Tech

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  1. can there just be one definitive social page that doesn't compromise and it supports free market/speech. Guess it's just a unrealistic dream that business people can't get behind. I'm tired of using Twitter. It's so toxic. Glad Steam hasn't bend the knee yet but who knows maybe one day it will change for the worse.

  2. Something weirds happens lately on your video's. They seem mid-video randomly switch to another video from another YouTuber in my subscription list. Starting with an ad. Perhaps is just my phone.. but it's weird. Nonetheless

  3. Reddit turned into a sh**hole. Used to be a site for geeks and intellectuals. Now its just a site for pandering and echo chamber. The new UI makes it more atrocious

  4. I used to run a subreddit for BoogalooSideQuestMemes, I use the word run loosely because there was only one other person in the group and zero posts, I made that subreddit within a week of those memes blowing up in the gun meme community and for the longest time the group was ignored and nothing happened, one day I saw somebody post in a subreddit about how great things were in America when Obama was President because the police weren't killing innocent black men and there were no riots, being the person that I am I posted a reply that was a bunch if links to news articles disproving their comment because honestly during the Obama presidency race relations took a nose dive, we dealt with riots due to black men being killed by police and BLM really started getting attention during that time and became big in response. I was instantly banned from the subreddit and suspended from Reddit for recreating a previously banned subreddit, I had no idea that subreddit had even previously existed and I strongly suspect that my suspension was related stating facts with proof that hurt someone's feelings.

  5. I left reddit several months ago because the bias became absolutely stifling. Even subreddits with nothing to do with politics were getting inundated with political posts that the mods supported and left on there. Anti-Trump posts, that is. It was really annoying.

  6. I ran a German WW2 military sim unit in Post Scriptum and Day of Infamy in 2016-2019. Reddit mods were banning our posts and calling us racists because they can't differentiate between historical value and actual crimes (they lack any ability to critically think). Day of Infamy creators, New World Interactive did the same thing by giving moderator to random people instead of their employees. Only, they are not random people. They are people who bend to their will.

    NWI also changed their entire game to ensure custom servers cannot be seen by the public without digging for them. They did it because we used accurate images from WW2 including flags. Germans flew a swastika in WW2. NWI had nothing to say about us using the US flag and Union Jack for the allies.

    Alex from NWI met with me in my TeamSpeak along with their head discord moderator. Developer, Alex attempted to suggest they have no say over how mods moderate but the mod openly said "NWI is kind of our tyrannical govt".

    Give a person with a teenage mindset mod privileges on a corporate platform, get major admin abuse.

  7. I’m seriously considering leaving Reddit for deleting rightwingLGBT. Apparently you cant be gay and conservative. Honestly I’m just so tired of the media thinking its okay to stifle facts, omit truths, and try to play on my emotions. I want everyone’s opinions and point of view no matter how fucked up they are. I’m an adult and I can avoid trash subs on my own accord. I don’t need social media to save me from the opinions of others. Honestly, fuck Reddit and Twitter and all the platforms that create rules based off their own biased thoughts.

  8. Tim, I've watched other YouTube videos where they use swear words that aren't bleeped, and there still up. I don't think it's the swearing, it's the actual ideas against far left ideology that they don't want to hear because YouTube believes it incites violence and hate amongst people.

  9. It's all the left know. Once Bill Gate's left MS it all went downhill. Did you know HP invented the mouse? There's a funny story there and Bill Gates got involved as an experiment as they didn't know what to do with it then Bill Gates stole from Linux and has until recently been suing for the last decade till Linux lost due to lack of funds.