Reddit Losers Meltdown Over Trump Appropriating MAGA KING


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  1. Rrreeeeeeeeeeee! 😂😂 Malarkey!! 😳💩 Where the F*** is Hunter?? 💻 Let’s go Brandon!!! I agree!!!!!!!! Trump 2024 !!!!!!! 🧂🔥🧂🔥🧂🔥🧂🔥🧂🔥🧂🔥🧂🔥

  2. The libtards need to knock it off. Crooked Hillary thought she could attack us by calling us deplorables. Big deal. Bring it on. Brandon is just as bad. Democrats have no idea how to insult people. Let's go Brandon!!!

  3. President Trump, the Nazi sympathizer deported the last actual Nazi from the country when he took office, gave HBU'S more funding than any President in history (that Biden promptly ended when the real racist took office), funded 100 million to Opportunity Zones in the inner-city for small businesses, was awarded the same award as Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali as he took a pic with them, sued Palm Beach to allow Black people and Jews into his gold resort, had a beautiful Black girlfriend for two years, signed three executive orders for Native Americans, one they had been fighting for since the late 1800's, and President Trump is the racist Nazi. These people are the lowest IQ people on the planet.

  4. did that first poster go on about how Trump questioned the intelligence of brown people? the ENTIRE democrat party thinks brown people are too stupid and poor to know how to get an ID. I mean, thats a public statement by the DNC. Not to mention they just installed one of the most racist people known to mankind into the presidency. Its bizarre

  5. "If I become president oh do they have problems"….really? Like the last time around no one of any significance went to jail. And Trump hired some of the worst people ever – barr, bolton, omagrossa, et al. who hated his guts and eventually played a big part in taking him down. Choosing barr – mueller's best friend for over 20 years – real smart. Trump is too pragmatic – he thinks he hires the best at what they do but he doesn't seem to have a clue that no matter how good someone is if they hate you they'll only work to undermine everything you do. And yes, I realize he faced opposition at everything he tried to do. And some of those maggots he surrounded himself with were recommended to him….but by who? More maggots. You'd think with all his loyal supporters who would never betray him he cold find aides that would weed out the scum and protect him the way he should have been protected.

  6. Ultra Maga King has to be in his campaign in 2024. It would piss leftards to no end.😂😂😂😂😂Popasmuerf post is literally describing Potato man.

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