Reddit Mods Ban the Word Groomer


The SHOCKING story of how Reddit mods BANNED the term GROOMER. 4chan MEMES on reddit after reddit moderators declared the term ‘groomer’ against the rules. Hilarious.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. Remember folks, there has never been a reference to LGBT when saying groomers, they did, they think LGBT are groomers, that's what they believe.

  2. So those that transition and wanna reverse it will be basically like professor Pyg’s “precious dolls.” Or something like that from Batman?

  3. Homophobe, transphobe, nazi, racst, bigot, the list goes on. Tons of words the left has used over and over again to basically just other people, and deem them as "bad people", the words have lost their meaning. The right uses one word like this, and the left loses their shit. Because they never thought the right would play their game.

  4. 6:28 I would but just because LGBT in principle I view as a bad thing for society. And its not hard to see how…
    That being said r/egg_irl should have been banned a long freaking time ago because that is literally nothing but grooming.

  5. they are immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a duck's back. But call him what he is, and watch how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out".

  6. 8:25 another statistic that ive found interesting to match with this is that gen Z LGBT acceptance is also going down. So, the amount of people identifying as LGBT is going up, meanwhile the people who accept it is going down. How does that make any sense? Clearly because they've set up an "us vs them" dichotomy. Youre either in the in group, or you arent. And as I will always assert that being LGBT (especially B and T) is a choice, it seems people are choosing one side, or the other.

  7. How dare people point out what they are doing.

    At this point, giving your kid a cell phone that can call anyone but you, or putting them in public schools, is child abuse.

  8. Actually it’s about 1/10 people are LGBT but primarily that’s gay and bisexual. And statistics show about 1/10 people have same sex relations semi regularly. The real doubling or now quadrupling is in fake bisexual girls, “non-binary” people and trans trenders all of whom are going to likely revert once it stops being actively promoted

  9. I just got banned for posing in r/unpopularopinions for my distaste in on this and I got permanently banned and called a " enraged potential child rapist." What an absolute joke. 🤡🤡 I hope they burn in hell.

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