Reddit Soldier of Fortune in Ukrainian Warns It’s a Trap & You Will Die


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  1. You never take on a larger invading army head on.. the strategy should have been to rig bridges and roads with remote explosives, have groups stationed random spots hidden with anti tank weapons then a fast retreat before the ground troops make it out of vehicles.. as many drowns online and attacking as fast and as quickly as possible and spotting.. you ambush and take out your own infrastructure to slow them down.. Ukraine army just sat and waited till they came to their front door, as soon as they crossed the border there should have been at least 3 tanks blown up..

  2. You did your country, and the gene pool a favor..
    Glorious news thank you salty!
    I spit on their graves, they died like traitors and got what they deserved!
    Now if only more of their comrades could follow their lead and join the fight?
    Armed with only their ignorance and a whole bunch of hormone blockers…

  3. the volunteers are "Meat Shields" meat shields DO NOT MATTER . they do not give a fuck about americas. that's what it's beeb looking like from the start…or about 2 weeks after the start… GREAT CONTENT

  4. russia is biding it's time and hiding it's hand. russia is waiting on something. they aren't even using their newer tech…. so what are they waiting for? biden to "leave" and harris to become the commander and chief? CAN YOU imagine that!

  5. ReEeeeeeeEeeEeeeeddit Article 5

    Why are these idiots simping for actual azov/aidar/pravy sektor nazis? 🤮

    Seems they were totally fine with an unfair fight with impoverished goatherders with AKs in the middle east, but its not okay when its the other way around?

    So dumb. 🤡

  6. Gawd, this comment section is pure gold. I wish my brother who deployed to Afghanistan was still around to hear his colorful thoughts on the current state of affairs… He succumbed to the war within a few months before COVID hit. He was the coolest, funniest, most real dude I've ever known!

  7. I submit these gentlemen to the 2022 Darwin awards, and will donate to send more heros of this caliber to the ukranian Frontlines the fight for *democracy*.

  8. Playing COD an watching Johnny big bollock movie's led them to this including the narrative. They probably thought they'd return home afterwards an get some " After Russia Pussy".

  9. Once again second time you fell for FSB misinformation. Dude has been proven never to be in Ukraine. Yesterday you posted a clip from Patrick Lancaster who has ties with the FSB and wanted by the FBI for sedition.

  10. This takes our people who are willing to fight in a terrible situation, away from home. Why is Russia keeping their best home? Take away the experience and lower the morale of the military; then what?

  11. There’s no globalist elites conspiring to reduce the population and have more resources for themselves, but if you imagine that’s happening it’s amazing how everything makes sense.

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