Redefining Violence in the Wake of the George Floyd Protests

There was a vile attempt to redefine the George Floyd riots as non-violent by suggesting violence is something that only happens to people, and not property. Well, that aged badly.

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  1. Both large chunks of the left and right have gone bonkers. They are both stuck in other centuries.

    While this video makes many fair criticisms of the left, it then shows its own right-wing biases by ignoring the bizarre and dangerous behavior of many many on the right trying to muddle their religious mumbo-jumbo with their politics. it's why they oppose gay rights. It's why so many of them are uber-zionists (ironically mostly Christian ones). They are trying to match government politiy with their stone age religious myths. The Jewish and Christian religions as just as much BS as the islamic one that the Conservatives like to complain about. Conservative has largely become code words for mystic buffoonery.

    We need new parties that do away with the left and right stupidity that has taken over politics. Parties run by principles like science. Experimentation, hypothesis, risk management. Modern ideas.. not the ideas of far left and far right buffoons that pretend to know everything under the sun and moralize their way to truths rather than experiment their way there trough trial and error.

  2. The most ironic thing about this is that they are protesting for a criminal that died unjustly. Did the 28 people even commit crimes to die? George Floyd was caught in the act and was already a prevalent criminal, why are these innocent people nobodies to them? Could it be a hidden agenda?

  3. It's true that property damage is harm and it can affect people as much as physical violence against them. However, there were MANY peaceful protests against police brutality against black people before these riots and no one paid attention. The most that happened was that people bitched that Colin Kaepernick shouldn't be allowed to take a knee during the National Anthem. But now that there's violence, people are paying attention. NOW they are saying "why can't BLM just protest peacefully?" Maybe if people had paid a little more attention to the peaceful protests instead of willfully ignoring or even trying to suppress them, things wouldn't have escalated to violence. I don't condone the violence, quite the contrary. And most of the protests ARE still peaceful. But I understand where the anger leading to the violence is coming from.

  4. Hey there was a bit in Revelations in the bible that mentioned rape and murder in the streets if I remember correctly 😛

    If those criminal rioters would stop acting like seething cauldrons of blithering idiocy, maybe the police wouldn't have to get rough with you. Then the idiot Leftist media outlets add to the idiocy by dishonest reporting.
    (I'm aware that dishonesty isn't just on one side of the political spectrum but it seems more extreme on the left right now.)

  6. To save these sort of peoples from the consequences of their ill deeds, just as much of a crime as doing it.
    And in the meanwhile these scums trying to dismantle the whole police, for the ill deeds of one single person!

  7. Here is an interesting point about these protests.
    These protesters are either:
    1. Unemployed
    2. Aren't trashing their workplaces

    Because i would love to see how many protesters have lost their jobs/businesses because their company has been trashed by protesters.

  8. Remember when the Yellow vest riots were a thing and many comments were like "We need something like this in America"
    Welp….be careful what you wish for.

  9. Wow, you can really hear the rage in his voice and frankly, I don't blame him. This is pissing me off, too. I hope this Nathan guy sees this, just so he can see what an utter fool he is.

  10. Sigh Am I the only sane progressive in the United States..? People, please, look up the definition of words, their inferred context..violence is defined as, and I quote Merriam Webster " behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. " Stop trying to redefine words..we have MUCH more bigger issues that you, as supposed liberals and progressives, should be worried to fix our broken health care system..trying to reform our education system..trying to get money out of know..things that actually matter…its times like these I regret not going to Law School..these " protesters".. I would love to charge them all with as many counts of arson, burglary, assault, murder and disturbing the peace, tied together with nice conspiracy charge.

  11. Does anyone remember the first few days after George Floyd’s death? Everyone collectively agreed it was wrong and race relations were at an all time high? Yeah me neither

  12. People who believe destruction of property is acceptable should put their money where their mouth is: they should post their own address.

    I mean, what's there to be afraid of? It's just stuff. You have insurance, right?