Redskins CAVE And Discuss Changing Name, NFL Will play Black national Anthem

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  1. Will it offend people if I kneel during the Black National Anthem.
    They want more black people in front office jobs whether they are qualified or not

  2. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE… do a research to see all those POLICE especially who shot and killed blacks and whites unlawfully… are they DEM or REP?? Something tells me, most are by DEM Officers if not all ASK THE DEM PARTY WHY THIS IS SO if that is the case. I notice no one is doing

  3. Why would anyone have a problem with the name “Redskins?” Do any of you know who came up with the term? Hint: Not a white guy.

    Doesn’t matter? Still offensive? Who are YOU to tell them their term for themselves is offensive? I call cultural appropriation on you!

  4. Isn't Cenk yunger calling themselves the young Turks like having a group of Germans call themselves the holocaust?

  5. If we get rid of EVERY SINGLE REPRESENTATION of anyone with a hint of melanin in their skin. They will complain they aren’t represented. This solves nothing.

  6. They will become the "Washington Warriors" but that's not the full name. the official name (That will ironically not be available on any official gear) will be the "Washington Woke-Warriors" they will cancel winning because that means there is losing. But their fans won't care because they will sell Fan Participation Trophies for everyone that either kneels for either the National Anthem, or to someone higher on Oppression Heirarchy for any purpose. Excluding for the express purpose of a proposal to marry, as that leads towards the evil that is the western-prescribed nuclear family!

  7. Apparently they've never researched (or care) to look at the history of the name of this team…or more likely, they've turned into a pander-bear in the effort to be the most "woke".

  8. The left taking away the last thing that made Americans remember native Americans. Changing the names is disgusting. Redskins is only a slur because liberals made it one. We don't care, no different than white and black. F**k the nfl

  9. The nfl is over represented by black males which are 15% of the nation I think all teams should be consisted of at least equal amount of races so as to be fair

  10. If you are pessimistic about anyting, of course it's bad. If all you pay attention to is negative, that's all you'll see. When did our society become a bunch of candy ass marshmallows? Careful, don't hurt anybody's squishy crybaby feelings

  11. At this point it seems very unwise to give in the far left on anything, whether you think they have a point or not. It only emboldens them and it's never enough anyway

  12. Tim, i gotta disagree with what you said about what the Redskins could rebrand as where you wouldn't care anymore.
    Sorry, but picking one of the tribes or people feels more of a slap to the face as opposed to their current name. Don't know why but it's a knee jerk distaste.

    Yes, I'm Metis, I'm allowed to have an opinion on this.

  13. Redskin is a slur? yeah maybe 200 years ago. Do you think people go around yelling redskin to native Americans? Think about this, the way things are going… being called "white" is gonna be a slur towards caucasian people.

  14. How did Colin Kaepernick become a sjw issue he didnt kneel or protest till he got benched. He was good butt lost it even him saying he couldn't take pressure they bench so his girl talked him into kneeling. He's the worst kinda of hypocrite.

  15. I’ve been a football guy for over 20yrs, but I’ll gladly stop supporting it the moment they play a Black anthem. And yea, I’m black. They’ll be coming for the Patriots soon ??

  16. Look at that, more of my comments being deleted on Tim's channel… This happens ALL the time, why does that happen? Tim? How about The Washington C-u-cks?

  17. I stopped watching the NFL ever since Crappernick started kneeling and now he’s back ready to finish the NFL for good. It’s time to start a new version of NFL, one that doesn’t put up with any type of protest or take over the national anthem! I am so sick of BLM, Antifa, and COVID (caused by The CCP)!They have ruined our lives! Trump 2020!

  18. The first coach of the Redskins was an indian and they named the team to honor him and the term Redskins was only recently considered a slur

  19. Always wondered why they named themselves from a weak people who were so easily conquered. Maybe if they change their name they will actually start to win some games.

  20. No one would be mad about the Redskins' name if they were winning. Associating that name with their W/L ratio is the only part that's really offensive. (spoken as a life-long fan of the team)

  21. I call BS on the Redskins uproar. Yiu have people being upset about "Redskins" by people who call themselves collectively the "redman". If only someone would kindly notice why they call themselves a redman…. I bet they would say it is because of their red skin. Why is one offensive and the other not?

  22. I have no problem with the Redskins changing their name. It's not a good name. The Cleveland Indians should change their name too. That name was decided on by baseball writers decades ago. All because someone who used to play for them was Indian. The owner asked the writers to come up with a name. Come up with a new name.