Reduce the population Scene from ‘One by One’ Rik Mayall’s last film release before his sudden death

Chilling scene from the 2014 film One by One that is becoming true in 2020

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  1. When did man become God? God said to go forth and multiple They invented a car over 30 years ago that runs on water? So if they really cared that is what we would have been using and the people with this sick thinking forget we spend more time dead than alive they are such fools but wait till they take their last breath the only people they harm is themselves as they have no control over their eternal death so time is the master those who think the world is over populated why don't you start with your own family

  2. "Viewers you don't know who the camera man is. You don't know why you're being made to see these thing's. Nor do i, your seeing me, I can't even see you. I maybe dead by the time you see this, very possible are. You don't know who's the man who's making things that he wants you to see. Destroy your television sets now. You must listen to no orders, it's all I can tell you at this point of humanity. Believe me"" Rick Mayall

  3. Yes, but the “x” factor they never considered… is that we would simply wake up. All of us. The tipping point. The problem is, when “we” wake up… we’ll be looking in one direction. Theirs.

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