Regarding Victorian Essential Workers Vaccine Mandate

This is all brand new.
Employers don’t know what to do
Employees don’t know what to do
Our prediction is….



  1. I work in disability support. I've got the letters from my employer they can jam it up their ass. I won't quit either I'll fight them every way I can and cost them as much as I can….

  2. The Aviation industry has a glut of unemployed workers, they don't give a stuff and will terminate employee's. They already have a large compliment group of vaccinated people to replace non compliant that is the reality. Taking legal action sounds like a great idea but you need funds to pay solicitors and you are assuming the Judicial system is not corrupted.
    The union advised it's not a winnable case will not waste members funds.

  3. we are in a massive game of chicken right now, hold fast people, they cant sack, arrest or fine all of us, non compliance is our only weapon

  4. i’m the only person not vaxed where i work, the pressure is not so much from my boss but the other workers, i think they honestly believe that every person not vaxxed has covid, its really terrible, im standing firm though

  5. Whilst I support all that you have said I don't know if a lawyer will accept moral standing as payment for service provided whilst I wait to be re employed no court proceeding ever takes 2 weeks & could drag out for months as the court system is some what overwhelmed at this point …..I've also been a union member for 25 years they have no comment

  6. Bullshit Dan .. knows the jabbed can still contract and pass on the C ..( fact ) .. love from an Englishman living in the open air prison once called ( Great ) Britain ..

  7. Belinda and Jack Cetnar, work in the Victorian education sector. They are suing the State Government’s directions concerning mandatory vaccination. Trial begins on Monday, 25 October 2021. See Victorian Supreme Court website.

  8. Hi all
    I’m praying for you all from house arrest/hard lockdown in Sydney.
    Yes please hold the line, there are many in Sydney facing this too by these evil health orders but only on Western Sydney not on the East, North ie affluent areas or where the politicians and police commissioner lives.
    Victoria you’ve got the people of Australia and the world behind you.
    Dan Andrews days are numbered hence he’s getting desperate and lying to you to scare you into risking your lives and health.
    Get together with others, check the resources from RDA website and their guests.
    The more ppl saying No to these experimental jabs the better as we send a strong msg to them.
    God bless you all Psalm 94; Psalm 27;

  9. NSW court case yesterday had a huge win saying that if a person does get injured through this “vaccination” program in order to be mandated for work that their company has to compensate them for the rest of their lives even if they don’t work there anymore! Big win yesterday in court!

  10. Y👁👁T has completely shadowbanned my other comment talking about the whisky-shot, stopping peoples reproductive systems working properly. If I use the "S" word, shadowbanned 🤔

  11. $750 from Vic Gment if lost your job,,,,in court this week,,,,,,, in 6 weeks unvax get same treatment as Vax,,,,they pushing a period of 6 weeks, hoping all Vax b4 6 weeks…know your rights com au you find all legal letters to give your boss

  12. Everywhere I go online wether it be fair work, human rights, and job sites they are all basically saying ‘you have no rights, get vaccinated’ and doctors are scared or payed off. I’m really disliking the uncertainty.

  13. What is the stance of the medical community..they have the discretion to issue excemptions… whereas they may recommend a vax..the choice is vax or get an excemption?

  14. JOKE: Road map to Australia, after the lockdown eases. An anti-vaccer sick with covid19 goes in to a hospital. The nurse tells them, "sorry we've got no beds left. We're too busy right now with a lot of other sick patients who were before you. Go and wait in the morgue and could you please take this long black bag with you?" Seriously, how many empty beds do you think there will be to accomodate everyone who's sick.