Regime Shills Furious After Elon Musk Makes Fun of Poor Hunter Biden

Elon Musk trolls Hunter Biden with a harmless meme causing Twitter Verified partisan shills to go on a meltdown.

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  1. There is a clip going around from the debates and Trump says to China Joe, I don't get paid from China you do, I don't get paid from Ukraine you do and I don't get paid from Russia you get paid 3 and a half million dollars from Russia!

  2. I can fuck these twitter checkmark mf up like it’s nothing they just weak af them brains gonna get you beat up then you’ll just look stupid

  3. I love how Musk can make liberals go crazy. So you know that what he says is true. If Trump or kids did half of what creepy Joe and his junkie son did it would be all over fake news and they would've all been arrested, handcuffed and never see the light of day.

  4. I wonder if it was the Biden's who sold our Stealth Aircraft Secrets to China. If I'm dead tomorrow maybe we need to look into it. What did China get in return for all those millions given to the Biden Mafia.?

  5. Conservatives always grasping at any straw as long as they don't actually have to conserve anything. Oh really your president is a pedo? Let's act like people who aren't conserving anything are on our side because a tweet. Problem solvered. Glad we fixed that one. Conserve on conservabros.

  6. Yes…. A Twitter troll for making fun and exposing hunter biden for who and what he is. And it is funny how the pedos are doing everything they can to protect him. What a time to be living in. These cultist are disgusting.

  7. really pisses me off when people say "the world is on fire" or "now more than ever we need XYZ." Uhhh that was true in the 1940's when there was a literal world war. Things are extraordinarily stable and prosperous now as compared to then.

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