Regional Australia Is Another Country!

The latest from our surveys relating to households in Regional areas versus Suburban and City areas with a focus on the use of branches, and access to cash.

We find that regional areas are much heavier users of branches and cash, relative to other areas – and Canberra in particular.

This may well explain why those based in the ACT are so far removed from the real issues faced every day by regional households and businesses.

Time to get the Senate to start their review, as I discussed with Robbie Barwick in my live show recently.

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  1. The other issue to consider in rural areas is the age demographics. I would hazard a guess that rural towns and regional hubs would have a higher proportion of older people living there who would have less computer literacy skills, etc.

  2. They are closing branches in the outer suburbs as well…I now have to travel an hour and a half by bus to get to a bank branch compared to 10 minutes travel a couple of years ago.

  3. Would love to see a regional house and land prices video! I grew up in a regional area, moved to the city for a decade, then came back a couple of years ago and missed the cheaper land prices from pre-2020. Prices seem to have stayed up unlike cities, but thats just my anecdotal evidence. Do you see these dropping eventually too, or staying propped up as people continue to look for a sea change?

  4. Isn’t this self inflicted to a degree as most rural votes keep voting for the same politicians at every election whether it’s federal or state elections. What’s that definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The coalition and labor parties aren’t going to change anything as they’re controlled by the big 4 banks so find someone else to vote for who’ll try to stop this insanity of closing banks wherever. Writing to your local member is a waste of time as you don’t even get a reply if they’re one of the 2 major parties. Getting the Australian media to take up the issue is another waste of time as they’re all reliant on the big 4 banks to keep their corporate monopolies operating.

  5. This form of debanking is a feature not a bug. Less small land owners means more land for Big Ag and less cash in the system means more CBDC control becomes possible.

  6. Worshipping profits and corporate political fascism above all else yields these outcomes.

    If you've celebrated any political outcome in the last decade you've got what you voted in favour of.

    Enjoy your Westminster clownshow and the overpopulation slave games they play

  7. It's not so much being able to deposit and withdraw cash.

    In regional areas banks and their staff provide finance (loans) and financial expertise not only to small business but also clubs, community bodies as well as individuals. They are literally a financial lifeline.

    Take out a bank from a small community and you also take out five or six skilled financial professionals, lowering the overall skill base of the community.

  8. It’s been gong on for the last 3 years, slowly, now rapidly! Reliance on technology is dangerous! Ai technology has resulted in 10k jobs gone at Microsoft! The future doesn’t look bright!😢

  9. Every single thing we have brainwashed into believing over the last decade is over finished done and dusted.. what we are seeing now is the lag … you have to let people down slowly and slowly change there thoughts.what you will see shortly is banks opening left right and centre because they are waking to the fact there neck is on the block and if they don’t display there importants to society there gone forever.

  10. I work for a bank which i will not name, they have started an 'all digital bank'….no branches….no internet banking in a browse….all managed via a Mobile phone app……what has happened this past month? Several outages and downtime where people have no access to the app, visa cards not working at shops, people embaressing themselves, most of these fools have zero cash on them….and call up to blame the bank for the outage….they dont stop and think to themselves to say…hmmmm maybe I should have at least 200 dollars in my wallet for any moment. Absolute dopes and fools.

  11. Last night browsing through youtube i came across a video of a guy in the U.S traveling to rural remote towns far from Interstates and to see how they are. It was not pretty, like ghost towns, thousands of residents but no bank, not many services left and everyone has to travel hundreds of miles. Yet here we are following the same footsteps. Crazy.

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