Regular People Are Rising Up And CLASHING With Cops Over Lockdown In UK, Protest Bordering On Riots

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  1. Stupid Tim, Tyrants only learn from violence and nothing else. We KNOW this. The founding forefathers of the country based the ENTIRE AMERICAN FOUNDATION on spilling the blood of tyrants.

  2. It's not only blacks but until it's recognized that police violence crosses racial or ethnic groupings it will never be properly addressed you can't fix a problem if you only focus on one part of it you have to address the whole problem and how it effects the entire population if you allow the same behavior to be perpetrated on other populations it will always come back on the population being protected eventually. The behavior has to eradicated against the entire population any police brutality against anyone should be the absolute standard

  3. I read here not to long ago a Facebook post by a RN saying the only way the numbers will ever go down is stop reporting new cases and the miracle vaccine will only be affective for 40-60% people that gets the vaccine just like the flu vaccine.

  4. It wasn't rioting the police started unleashing on normal people which then got them reacting the lefty politically correct so called do gooders have caused so much shit and yet when they riot and cause violence etc the police kneel for them here in UK we've got an invasion of illegal immigrants coming over and getting well looked after and yet we've got thousands of homeless veterans and we can't put them up somewhere sick of lefty scum

  5. I just thought I'd add some corrections. We were in lockdown in the UK from mid March to mid July, we flattened the curve and started opening things up however 3 months later and now the curve in growing again, something like 6400 new cases per day, with a trajectory that unchecked this will grow to 60,000 cases a day in a months time. Therefore last week they brought new lockdown rules in to try and flatten the curve again, one being no gathering of more than groups of 6 people. With the protest they would have been allowed to protest if they had worn face masks and stayed 2 metres apart. But 15,000 people gathered without facemasks and not keeping 2 metres apart. Hence as it says they were shut down because they had not stuck to the rules they had filed to be allowed to protest.

    These new rules are hoped that we can stop the curve growing without imposing a full lockdown. Because the economy can't afford another full lockdown.

  6. The argument is that the 18 to 22 year old law is a violation of the Fourteenth amendment equal protection clause. The government can’t single out one segment of the population and make laws based on that characteristic.

  7. there is no point in lockdowns again,the virus comes back again,some countries already had several waves,and its all right,deaths are low,and symptoms are very mild for 99% people.
    Schools opened and nothing happened.

  8. I initially supported the lockdowns for one reason: we didn't know what we were dealing with. Well, now we do, and frankly there's no way to rationalize further lockdowns given what we know. So why are many (mostly blue) areas still locked down? The truth is that the lockdowns at this point aren't even about coronavirus. They're about numbers and the election.

    The US unemployment rate was at 8.4% in August. Sounds bad until you put it into perspective. Many economists were predicting unemployment to reach as high as 25-30% during the pandemic; we got nowhere near to that and we're heading in the right direction. And compare our current figure to December 2011 – when it was at 8.5% midway through Obama's first term – and all things considered, it's an astonishingly good number right now. And the truth is that if Democrat mayors and governors would end their lockdowns, that number would be much better.

    The Democrats are artificially suppressing their own economies because they know that incumbent Presidents take the blame for bad economic numbers, not local officials. They are suffocating their own constituents in order to hurt Trump's numbers. That is the truth.

    The science doesn't support lockdowns. DeSantis knows this, and as usual he's leading the way.

  9. Our latest rules specifically say we are allowed to do peaceful mass protests in the UK. The social distancing accusation is just a pathetic excuse to try and shut down a legal protest. Note that the cops did NOT shut down the BLM protests in central London over the summer! If you watch the footage, Tim, you’ll see regular folks booing the police.

  10. The virus is so fake.all I ask is for people to get in touch with the hospital.and ask one question and that is .how many people did they treat in the hospital's from march April may and june.and when they won't tell know it's a fake virus.because .the hospital's were mostly empty.dont forget the hospital's mangers were screaming .that they could not cope .because they were full just ask for the number's .they won't tell you .

  11. The numbers in Florida as well as everywhere else were never accurate, nor were they ever intended to be….the whole point was a massive misinformation campaign to socially engineer mass fear for control. Control the masses, control the election. When you have been placing operatives in every level of society the last 4 years in order to lie, steal, block and control the information to pound people with the same narrative over n over until they believe your brainwashing, you raise your chances of stealing an election. Luckily, more n more people are saying F off we SEE your lies. Thank God Desantis is realistic, smart n has balls like Trump to crush any bullsh8t rioting n arresting people as well as thinking for himself using REAL information to work FOR the people of Florida. What we elected him to do. Ill be voting for him again.

  12. DeSatis is a coward and no friend of freedom. Gov. Noem is the only governor, from either side of the socialist aisle, who deserves the people's trust. Republicans locked down the economy along with their brothers, the democrats. They mandated masks, too. They used the force of law to deny every citizen their basic rights.