Regular People Are WAKING UP, BLM Support TANKS To 39% As Leftist Riots Infuriate People

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  1. just fyi, I subscribe and this video was not in my subscription page until I watched it from my recommended page… I always go to my subscriptions first to see if there are new videos, it was not there, even though it had been an hour since it was posted. I then saw it in my recommended page as being posted an hour ago, go back to my subscriptions and it still wasn't there, went back to my recommended and watched this, then after watching went back to the subscription page and the video was now listed.

  2. Waking up isn't enough, we need to FIX the problem we have with enemies of the US holding positions of power within it. Without that, we have accomplished nothing

  3. As Jackie Kennedy would say "If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much". Look I am a guy with no family or kid, so what do I know, but I believe her. If you bungle EVERYONE suffers.

    Bitchute comment

  4. Talking to combat veterans, I am firmly persuaded that burning the American flag is morally reprehensible. I will fight for your right to own and display the flag but if I see you burning it or desecrating it in any way, I now feel duty-bound to save that flag. I would do the same if someone tried to graffiti any of our national monuments honoring the fallen. It's that simple.

  5. Tim trump's attitude is just a mirror of the leftist attitude for the past twenty years. They've ridiculed conservatives for two decades and conservatives never pushed back. Trump pushes back.

  6. Come on Tim, come on! BLM had problems from the moment that they came to the public Forefront, there's been several incidents of documented BLM members shooting it out with the police, Baton Rouge and Dallas comes to mind not to mention the announcement that the founders are" trained Marxist"….

  7. That’s the thing Tim. The original idea of BLM was based on a lie easily disproved by statistics. Philando Castile and Walter Scott were actual bad shootings. Most of the rest of them were justified.

  8. Hey Tim. Not sure you will see this but as a good example of what Police are like in smaller areas, I waited in line at the Gun store today with 2 cops and three sheriffs (1 was a woman) that were looking for 9mm ammo just like the rest of us. Just normal folks that happen to have a uniform on. My perception of cops is much different than in NYC.

  9. ??? We absolutely cannot let the voting go past November 3rd. Where does it say that the vote happens this day and then the winner is announced 2, 5, 9+ weeks later? Absolutely Horrible Nonsense. ?The states have plenty of time to open early voting and absentee ballots to be returned. President Trump you have to stop this.????

  10. Tim I think if you watch Last Flag Standing Starring :Russell-jay: Gould. You will understand what you’re seeing. It’s One Group playing both sides when neither one is Correct. We owe it to ourselves to look into Who is Russell jay Gould Postmaster General of the World. That sounds crazy ? I know But, Truth is Stranger than Fiction, and Some in high places have spent $26 mil a yr since 1999 to keep you from Learning about What he did for All of us.

  11. Those polls showing Biden leading are totally phony and all part of the scheme to convince people that Biden was supposed to win, after they dump Trump mail in votes and stuff the mail with Biden votes. All part of the plan.

  12. In the olden days a mob like BLM would have been slayed by the locals or an emperors/kings army. They would be a mass grave and a distant memory by now.

    In the modern world they get bail, free food & housing etc while they plot the downfall of the very same system that supports their ‘rights’.

    we have come far as a people to allow them to operate like that.