Regular People RISE UP To Resist Far left Surge, This Could Backfire On Democrats And Help Trump

Regular People RISE UP To Resist Far left Surge, This Could Backfire On Democrats And Help Trump. Across the US regular people are rising up to resist the far left surge.

A soccer player refusing to kneel, Back The Blue protests, and counter protests to far left events have all started popping up.

IN some places people who are not even overtly political have been defending statues and refusing to back down to far left demands.

Yet strangely Democrats from all different jurisdictions seem to back the far left on every issue. They insult the right wing protests, insult the regular folk demanding law and order, and push the far leftist narrative.

This could be bad news for Democrats if the surge in far left absurdity lights up areas of the country that normally don’t vote. This is what helped Trump win in 2016 and could win it for him again in 2020

Once side says defund the police the other side says defend the police


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. As an Ohio citizen I can tell you that no body wanted that statue taken down besides the big cities themselves. Democrats run Cleaveland, Toledo, and Columbus and the rest of the State is pretty red lol


  3. I’ve been watching Tim for a few years and definitely have not seen all his points however I’m watching him more often because even if I disagree, his arguments have evidence and are usually level-headed with no bias. Truth matters more than him saying what I like to hear

  4. I believe there's a precedent for this year zero thing. In 1189, or thereabouts, King Richard the Lionheart rendered everything before that time to be "time immemorial" – or so I'm told (forgive me if I'm hazy on the details: I wasn't there – I'm not quite that old – and I was told this by the BBC, so it could be wildly apocryphal). Still, however, we know of previous kings, the Romans and to some degree, my specialty, the pre-Roman Britons. Who can forget the Domesday Book of William the Bastard, that king's Bayeux Tapestry, his abolition of slavery in England and Henry II's "will no man rid me of this turbulent priest" trope?

  5. I unfortunately live in Jersey,,,, Murphy is a pathetic joke. Right but it's the " counter protesters " were the problem,,,, these people are destroying our country and need to go away.

  6. Christopher Columbus landed and met a group of natives he called "wonderful people" he advocated that their tribe be given Spanish Citizenship, he brought back volunteers to be presented to the Spanish as Royalty.
    That tribe warned him of cannibals called the Caribs who lived in the Caribbean islands, Columbus was horrified but skeptical because "Who would eat another human in such an enlightened age" but he left men to guard a fort they had built and to help protect the tribe.
    When he returned with more ships and a small military force he discovered that his men were eaten and some of the tribe had been kidnapped.

    This is where the story gets really dark. The Caribs were not just cannibals they captured women from other tribes and held them in a constant state of pregnancy to eat the infants.

    Yes they were cannibals who ate babies as a delicacy you cannot make that shit up because no one would believe it.

     Columbus did wipe that tribe out, he hunted them down and killed them. If you want to call that a crime ok that is fine but could you honestly say you would have done different?

  7. Tim BLM leader was on TV you can probably find it on utube. She came out and stated they are trained Marxist and they are not going to stop till America is destoryed.
    That's their goal to burn America down to the ground.

  8. Tim there is a reason why the democrats are pro BLM and Antifa because check out where BLM donations goes into a Soro's company then funneled to the DNC and Biden at least ninty percent and only four to nine percent goes to BLM depending on the month. That's why the democrats are surporting them and who started funding of the BLM and Antifa funded by Soro's and a foundation that foundation is owned by China. thats what their kneeling too Marxism and the destruction of America. All is online donations but it takes awhile to go to each donation site , foundations but sruck at home I have time but if anyone wants to check it is online but will take sometime.

  9. yea blm is over yea their feelings are the same but their willingness to forget it is just as easy because people are tired of all of the violence and destruction and blm and people are for blue lives matter and all lives matter, yea it’s time for all this cheos to end and time for people to get back to work theirs plenty of jobs out there if you want to work, and their are some good jobs out there so folks it’s time to put kids in school and get back to work, also vaccines are coming out and they look real positive so good luck and stay safe. god bless youall and god bless America

  10. My opinion… many cities are taking down their statues to protect them.

    … and I give zero f's what those folks in Seattle, Portland and Chicago do. Just don't use my federal or state tax dollars to rebuild it. They bring that garbage to my neck of the woods, we'll throw them a party… with lots of gifts… coming at them at about 2,400 feet per second.

  11. Anyone! Make trump supporter stop killing! trump's people are the one starting fires and looting..??They need to be stopped! The looting and fires are so much more important than police murdering people.???They are on camera looting and starting fires too! White supremacists in the us are ruining the Senate.