Rejecting a CBDC will Cost You Your Pension

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If you take money from the government in any form, whether that’s Social Security, a pension or something else.

You may very well soon not be able to receive those payments anymore if you do not sign up for the United States Central Bank Digital Currency coming soon.

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0:28 FedNow Coming to Control Government Funding
4:34 Don’t Cross This Line
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  1. This should get interesting. With 66 million ssi recipients not counting former retired military, it’s going to be tough to force this. Ssi is not an entitlement. For most it’s earned money backed up by a ledger. Let’s see how this goes. Good video however.

  2. It is only a matter of time. The time to say no is NOW. by doing everything you can to be free financially. They might introduce cbdc test runs but until they mandate all financial transactions are done by CBDC it wont work. People on social security pay money to private people for many necessities. If you get your SS payment in CBDC but can't pay your rent because the landlord doesn't take CBDC, the program would fail immediately. Once they mandate for all transactions, you might as well use it. But there will be an underground economy.

    I am personally developing a piece of property to sell and then leave the USA and buy a farm in a poor country that has horrible electricity infrastructure and horrible internet. When cbdc hits world wide, and it will, the poorest countries will have the most freedom from it.

  3. The only way resisting works is to enable people to financially transact independent of government interference. That's essentially a black market. And the only way that works is to create a decentralized internet that the government cannot control. Until that happens they can shut down whatever and whoever they want.

  4. One thing that will encounter huge resistance are from people who value their cash privacy. Also, what are they going to do about people who don't live with internet access? In order to "sign up" for a cashless digital system, you need to have internet access and electricity. What I have seen FIRST HAND during a disaster is that it doesn't matter if you are a millionaire, if you don't have CASH you DONT have money

    Money cannot be tracked, expired or refused.
    CBDC is ALL of those because that is how it is designed as NOT money
    I think there will be a LOT of lawsuits if it is MANDATORY
    NO ONE signed up for CBDC

  6. Considering I'm 59, it's at least 6 years until I qualify for receiving Social Security, and I was planning to wait until I'm 69, as I am healthy, earning income, and in no great need for my S.S. checks. So that's 6 – 9 years before it's even question. That said, I think the Central Bank/Federal Reserve will be eliminated from the world by 2026. So it's no concern of mine. Besides, if my current project goes through, I won't need any government checks at any future date.

  7. It’s easier said than done but the best thing to do no matter how much you rely on things like benefits from the governments is to not be scared. Money isn’t real it’s created for power and control. If they don’t want to pay out from the system we have funded then we will steal from the wealthiest. These pigs have everything and they still aren’t happy and need more. Wether you want it or not we need to get up off out of our seats and fight. It really is the only way

  8. Do you guys remember when the US government used USDC stablecoin to route money into Venezuela to support and install the sham president they were pushing?? Do you guys remember when the Federal Reserve system went off line with an unexpected "outage", and then a little bit after that, the Visa machines across the country had a similar thing happen?? My guess, is those unexpected outages were downtime windows for UPGRADES, and a stealth integration of the new system.

  9. If I don’t get my owed 401k or my social security then no taxes will be paid going forward. That’s your money you already own. They do not get to change the terms of social security you’ve already worked and earned.

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