Relying on coal! 🤔

The UK government has decided to keep a third coal fired power station in operation to help keep the lights on and homes warm.





Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Bring Back Coal is impossible as when you half the population going to university and being told they are special even though most as as dumb as previous generations. whos going to do these jobs ?

  2. What is the use of coal or any other fuel to provide electricity when the average household will not be able to afford it due to the colossal price hikes . Bring the costs down to pre-pandemic times. The energy companies are making a killing! Greedy Barstewards!

  3. The UK has over 100 years worth of coal or even more time to throw the useless prats out of government. And if they want to be green go live in a field preferably in Siberia

  4. Net zero wont happen, zero population now that we can do, if only there was an organization run by the people with unimaginably large carbon foot prints and are the elite, we could call it World Economic Fuckers, they could all meet up and figure out the best way to kill us.

  5. With modern technology coal can be used to generate electricity very efficiently with minimal emissions and pollution. It is simply treasonous for a government not to develop this option in a crisis of its own making

  6. I'm sorry to say that the green policies will have to be put on the back burner for a few years, while the energy crisis continue. The UK has plenty of reserves, of coal, oil ,and gas. So let's get on and use it. All through history, the temperature of the earth has got hotter, and then cooled down. So what's no to say that the planet is going through this change again. The so called expert's virtually can't agree amongst themselves, it all depends on which side of the fence your on.
    Are these experts, "experts", we have seen with covid what a balls up they made of that. So what no to say that they got global warming wrong. It all depends what companies they work for, and who backs them?.
    I think , like myself who do we trust? scientists? Politicians?, pharma companies?, medical experts?.
    I trust myself, not being an expert on anything, but I trust my instinct. I've very rarely been wrong.
    There is hope for us all, if politicians , and so called experts are not I evolved.

  7. This is also just to keep the price of coal up so the people who still heat their homes with coal fires will feel the brunt of energy bills. Its all about keeping the poor poor and the rich rich.

  8. Well I’ve just installed a wood/coal burner because I won’t be able to afford gas heating any more thanks to the green idiots.
    And a lot of people I know have done the same, so how is this better then?

  9. Of course they have. They want to be in on the fuel price rise ripping us off as much as don't think they will do it cheaper do you. No they want the price of coal up now as they know thousands of people are going to have fires fitted back in our homes. I have started making ours. I have a stove that can heat a very large area for 25 hours at the cost of five lumps of coal. May be my fire can make me money now. The only log burning stove with no air intake holes. ?????what can't breath can't burn. Well it can when I build them.

  10. Liz don't listen to the Greens, get our UK mines up and running this will give life back to the UK`s devastated mining communities. This will give much wanted employment to UK citizens and cash to the treasury

  11. If all our energy was produced by coal it would amount to half of one percent of global emissions. We are being conned. 80% of our energy is produced in the UK. Only 14 gigawatts out of 78 ( in 2019) was imported gas, excluding vehicle fuels. All the other energy, apart from a small amount of imported coal is home produced. Producing this 80% has NOT gone up in price since February 2022. The government allows the energy producers to charge gas and electricity at world market price, which is fair enough on what's imported, but it's not on the rest. Hence their huge profits. HMG needs to make this companies to supply the home produced energy at Feb 2022 prices ( they still were making a profit), at least suspend the green levy and 5 % vat until June 2023. Otherwise all that money spent on Keeping businesses afloat during covid will be a monumental waste because thousands of businesses will go bust or simply cease trading.

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