‘Remember Sending That Message?’: Biggs Grills Ex-Twitter Exec Yoel Roth Over Hunter Biden Story

At today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) grilled ex-Twitter execs about an alleged cover-up of Hunter Biden’s laptop by Twitter, the intelligence community, and the media.

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  1. So the answer is Mr. Roth never spoke to any experts whatsoever. He was reading tweets as they were coming out. Why are they allowed to manipulate simple words, and get away with lying under oath?

  2. “Hacked material policy “. That is something that os provable now as incorrect judgement by the exec so there is liability there. Damages are severe. He could be found personally liable under the law

  3. Grear point about damages already sustained. There is a clear legal doctrine that adresses this exact conduct. However its been many years and i cant recall the exact doctrine. Liability certainly exists under the coverage of that doctrine.

  4. How dare the petty tyrants at Twitter silence people. They are clearly editors and not a platform. Section 230 protection must be removed. "Twitter trust and safety" my arse.

  5. When All the Facts are in and they're found guilty, bc We All know they are, hell, they know they are! We expect JUSTICE, just as if it were one of us! You wanna STOP this, then Lead with authority!!! Fines and Jail!

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