Remember when the Pandemic stopped for the BLM Protests?

Remember when they paused the Pandemic for the Black Lives Matter protests? But ONLY the BLM protests…

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  1. I do not expect the Polititians to admit their wrongs cos I know they never will.
    But at least somebody – just ONE
    TV presenter/journalist could be brave enough to take responsibility & simply apologise or admit that they were misinformed & regret their statements against those who chose to not get vaxd??
    I'm convinced I live in 'fantasy land' to even think about asking this question but surely somebody has a conscience??

  2. With great regret we are the ones that gave them so much power by buying their products from mobile phones, gadgets, perfumes, clothes, make-up, car after car and other cheap plastic stuff for whatever reason. I remember the day when my folks had the same car for over twenty years and took great care of it while my own family members bought a new car or a new improved smart phone every 2-5 years. We filled their pockets with money and with money comes great power. Stop buying their gadgets including new and improved computers /programs because we know of at least one that is raving eugenicist.

  3. Was completly blacked out in the German media. You did not read a single word about that halve of the bigger american cities had basically a civil war.

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