Reminder That Black Rifle Coffee Company Is Mad That Kyle Shot a Pedo


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  1. I live in Austria now and even I know that this company are a bunch of traitors. I would love to know how many customers they have lost since Kyle was in prison and they sh.. in their pants

  2. Evan Hafer made a fool of veterans with his vet bro marketing schtick. Guns, beards and bikinis all while donating to people and causes that are directly undermining our constitutional rights. I only bought a couple of things from BRCC but I'm just livid that I fell for it.

  3. Ah yes, a bunch of boneheaded knuckle dragging vetbros insinuating people opposed to their world view never 'made anything of themselves' when they did the male equivalent of becoming a stripper. They didn't make anything of themselves either. They got their free college on my tax dollars to go kill brown people in their own home lands on behalf of globalist terrorists and instead of being upset that those globalists saw them as every bit as disposable as the people they were sent to kill, they get upset at the people who paid their effing way through life and supported them through their grift believing perhaps they were really on their side. Elitist Vetbros like BRCC are the 'knights' of the neo-feudalist globalist pig plan and should never get our respect. They'll probably use their GI skills to become security for the likes of Obama and Swillary because they worship money and have no principles at all.

  4. I keep reminding everyone about this company, they are sheep in wolf’s clothing. I appreciate all the work they do with Veterans, but I cannot and will not support a company that makes blatantly false statements and makes threats of doxing people. Grow up or just admit to your leftie progressive nonsense, don’t pretend to be both

  5. It is always disappointing to see that a company bases its brand on a false image. But many do. I think in a way people who support freedom are 'easy marks' for this because so many of us are so denounced by statists in the culture and companies that pander to them, that when a company claims to support what we value it is a rare and valuable thing. But it can be a mirage as much as a legitimate commitment to an ideal.
    The best coffee I ever had was from a small cafe in NJ. Second best was from a gas station (seriously). Neither of them touted politics, or ideals, so neither of them could disappoint me. I just liked their coffee.

  6. BRCC also got caught making donations to "act blue", a political donation clearing house for leftist agenda candidates, you know, the anti-2A, defund the police, pro-antifa crowd..

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