Remoaner Ed Davey’s Hypocrisy EXPOSED As He Targets Nigel Farage

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Remoaner Ed Davey’s Hypocrisy EXPOSED As He Targets Nigel Farage

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Defund BBC/Brexit for Christmas T-shirts arrived today. PHE is a scam; Tories are supposed to be free market. Jeremy Hunt obviously not a Tory or free market/small government.

  2. Sir Keir kneeling down to BLM shows that they are NOT for working class for Britain..they have shown again that they are not electable..they are doing a great job digging themselves deeper in a ditch..defund BBC.

  3. Acting leader of a useless unwanted party of British haters just like labour,and the real public mood isn't on the side of the BLM movement we the british are going to change things via the ballot box,

  4. Can we not put a maximum of government spending? It has just grown and grown for years. Yes we need some help for the unable but this should not include the malingerers of whom there are many.

  5. I don't have a TV – never paid the licence fee – I just bin all the letters they send and removed their right of access to the property – but they still threaten by letter. Question: Do the council insist on searching your property for fishing rods in case you need a licence? Who the hell do the BBC (private company) think they are!!!!!

    Oh, and I have never given them my name – they always address me as the 'registered owner of the property' = so if they did try to send me a summons, it would be invalid if not in my name – lol

  6. Kier Starmer really is a pathetic politician, who simply tries to follow what he perceives to be the prevailing wind of public opinion. No kind of leader.

  7. Sir Ed Davey. During the election he was on LBC. Host was going on about how many mps crossed over and how there where 13 elected MPs and asked the question "What if you have less Mps than was elected in '17…Edward laughed and said "Well that's not gonna happen"

  8. Wording is key people and do not keep falling for the left and right bs. Its all to divide the people and it should not be that way. The system creates these problems . Remember they always say we in this together. They are talking to there rich friends not the public so stop believing there bs stories

  9. WTO, like the WHO is a corrupt institution, we need to negotiate on a country by country basis, Boris has been placed to ensure we join.

  10. Listened to the Starmer LBC interview and it dawned on me as to why Starmer's offer of consultation , Plan for kids going back to school was not taken up by the Govt. Starmer suggested he , the teachers and unions would sit down with the Govt…… then it hit me…. Leftist unions , Leftist Labour crikey the kids would,nt be back till september 21. Along with that the country had made it clear they did,nt want labour in any way or form running the country so why consult with them ??..But Starmers biggest U turn on now supporting BLM movement after denouncing them is discraceful, he caved in to the far Left and the Unions.

  11. Remember when Liberal Democrats were a thing? Yeah me neither ?
    Wavey Davey is just one more leftist using Covid to hassle law abiding citizens and curtail their freedoms

  12. The more I see leftists using Coronovirus as a excuse to limit certain people's rights on a case by case basis; the less I believe lockdown was EVER legitimate.
    The Left using it as a club to hit everyone with, was it even reasonable or necessary?

  13. The Liberal Democrat leaders and MPs are some of the most revolting people. One said he would eat his hat another suggested people who voted to leave the European Union would die and the last one was as sensible as a cocaine addict. Some people still want to know her and she has a position of authority. Both the potential leaders are anarchists.

  14. Don't necessarily agree with nanny state however sugar in products is a discrace, some chovolate bars have 54% sugar content. It's going to cost the tax payer hundreds of Billions in health care going forwards. The government some 10 years ago left it for the 'industry' and what did they do? Put bloody traffic lights on the packaging. It needs to stop. I get your point about choice but manufacturers are taking the pi ss

  15. This clown is off on his lunatic ramblings again. Blames everyone -left wing, woke, BBC , Labour, E.U, M.S.M – you get the picture.


  17. Why on earth do we bother with this person Ed Davey, he comes from a dead political party and he doesn't even look the part at all, never mind with him at the helm the Lib Dims have absolutely no chance of ever running the country. Can someone remind me why he got a Knighthood, it's making a mockery of the honours system it is found that most of them get honoured for failure him being no different.

  18. Like watching, BUT NHS VIEWS NOT ONE BIT, all comes down to money start from top get rid of directors, managers nearly all not needed, put money were needed.

  19. Hey Mayhar. I really enjoy your channel and think you are doing great work.

    I have a few ideas about topics you could make videos on. Do you possibly have an email address that I can contact you on?

    Keep up the good work. Stay safe and strong. ?

  20. If you don’t want to be buried by this woke shite is to cancel your season tickets they will soon get the message that we are not bending our knee to anyone or anything ,and keep politics out of sport