Renowned Journalist Publishes Blockbuster Report on US Role in Nord Stream | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. I used to hear people say that the nazis said they learned propaganda from us. But I never truly grasped it until around 2020. I thought the USA was regular corrupt. Now I know we are totally orwellian in literally every aspect.

  2. Glenn left out something… leaks are necessary because those who salaries we pay, and whom some of us have voted for,
    regularly lie to us about what they're up to, and how they're spending our tax dollars.

  3. Be careful Glenn you obviously know that the intelligence agencies woul like to help with a future accident or suicide… Maybe a strange cancer issue as suffered by Hugo Chavez and Yassar Arafat.

  4. Hersh is a f*cking LEGEND. At age 85 he still is far superior to any other reporter, especially frauds like Bob Woodward, who for the past 50 years has been living off his one success with the Watergate story. Hersh has NEVER been shown to be wrong on a report. NEVER. If he says it happened that way, it happened that way.

  5. This was one of the worst kept secrets of modern history. Like someone lying to your face thinking you can't see their tells and tics. Anyway logic and history points in only one direction, and you don't have to be a history logician to see it.

  6. As a Russian-American, I wonder how Russia will respond. There's no doubt it will respond, once the actual facts are established. The US has plenty of underwater infrastructure as well, and Russia has the world's best array of underwater vehicles to fuck it all up.

  7. Thank you Glenn…thank you for speaking out on this. I truly don't know how any one could possibly deny anything that Hersh revealed. It was perhaps just a matter of time. The truly shameful thing here is just how much the U.S. government lies…and lies.

  8. Old News … since EVERYONE ALWAYS KNEW IT WAS the USA from day one … NEXT ! > can we talk about the #CorruptedUSAPoliticians doing 9/11, murdering their own citizens to justify and as the excuse to invade the MidEast in 2003. It is IMPOSSIBLE for buildings to "Free Fall" without professionals setting charges in advance "IMPOSSIBLE" never mind 3 in one day at the same location. There were NEVER 19 guys with plastic box cutters, just #CorruptedUSAPoliticians with Drones & a corrupted agenda for the MidEast to steal oil & minerals from Muslims in the name of a fake democracy.

  9. It would be important to discuss the contractual obligations to provide gas from russia since Gazprom is a state owned company. If the pipe gets blown up the russian state owned gas company hopes to not have to pay damages for stopped gas deliveries and the contract breech. Clear motive.

  10. Who benefited from the attack on Nordstream. Not Russia. Not Germany. Why aren't the Germans furious about it? They are the biggest losers.
    And who is the biggest winner? American suppliers of liquified natural gas.

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