Rep. Gohmert Questions the FBI: DOJ Audit Reveals 747 Errors & Incompliance, Yet No Accountability

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) questioned the FBI Cyber Division at the House Judiciary committee hearing and received no answers as to why a 2019 DOJ audit found that in a review of 355 cases, there were 747 compliance errors in violation of FBI rules, or how why requests for review by House members have been ignored.

Written by GohmertTX01


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  1. Fbi is an unconstitutional organized crime family ! Enforcers for the Clinton and Biden crime families.
    We the American people demand that all authority delegated to fbi back in the early 1900s be revoked immediately on grounds of abuse of power and TREASON!

  2. Exactly who is this individual and what is he in charge of, that Rep. Gohmert is questioning? Please tell me that he only cleans the toilets at the FBI. Because he doesn't know anything and didn't answer one question. Must be your basic democrat schill.

  3. An FBI man saved my life as a child in the 60's. And these godless illiterates today are morally depraved compared to the character of the men and women in those days. And because sin means nothing to them they will mean nothing to Christ @ "the resurrection of damnation.” "The Word of God" has no Voice anymore. You can’t serve the devil and receive the Laurels of Heaven.

  4. Americans !
        Do Not Get Distracted By This !
    The Immediate Threat is the 🥔joe nominee !
       joe manchin   is going to vote for that terrorist defender, pedo protector moron for the supreme court !
    Call Senator Sinnemas' Office !
       Call EVERY Republican in Office !
    This has Worked Many Times in the Past !
       It Will Work !
    Just  Do  It !

  5. Rules? Nobody told the FBI or DOJ that there were any rules. Rules are on for the Conservatives and the Republicans. Just ask killary, clapper, comey, brennan, schiff and nadless.

  6. This "official" seems to know nothing, conveniently. Too much bovine excrement from this guy. How could he be actually doing his job and know nothing of the operations he is responsible for? I have no faith in the FBI any longer.

  7. The government has weaponized several 3 letter agencies against American citizens…perhaps the federal bureau of INVESTIGATION should turn its attention more towards capitol hill and less from soccer moms.

  8. FBI do not sound friendly and on the side of Americans these days. The are evasive when questioned and protecting of Democrats in power, begs the question why!?

  9. Step right up folks! Watch America's greatest Dog and Pony Show where your Top Law Enforcement Agencies play stupid for everyone to see…AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!

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