Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Home Swatted Again; DHS Disinformation Board Ended | Trailer

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A federal judge has ordered the Trump raid affidavit to be unsealed with redactions. It comes right after the Justice Department makes a move to suggest portions be blacked out.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a victim of swatting two nights in a row. She says that her life has been put in danger, and she joins us to explain.

The Department of Homeland Security has dismantled the controversial Disinformation Governance Board, months after the newly created board was paused amid concerns that it would be weaponized and become a tool for government censorship.

Revised GDP data released Thursday signals that the economy is shrinking. Companies are preparing to lay off workers, and some economists tell us they fear this is only the beginning.

The fallout from President Joe Biden’s announcement that tax money will go to paying off student debt continues. House education committee member Rep. Russ Fulcher joins us to discuss.

Former President Donald Trump called for Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell to be removed immediately. Not only did he say that McConnell was doing a poor job stopping a leftist agenda, he also implied that the senator is compromised by a foreign government.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn arrived in Taipei Thursday with a message for Beijing.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Home Swatted Again; DHS Disinformation Board Ended | Trailer | Capitol Report
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  1. It is a crime to abuse/misuse 911 arrest and prosecute the offenders. Oh DAMM I forgot Liberals are immune from prosecution them Democratic party has vaccinated them with their ideology thus they're immune.

  2. disinformation board is the exact opposite people just like the billions in that fake bill they had to write an exec. order to…we the people are going to get wayyy higher taxes!!!

  3. Swatting needs to be a felony with a 10 year mandatory minimum. Not only are you trying to murder the victim of the swatting and destroy their family, but imagine being the cop who gets a call to a shooting, is greeted by a scared armed homeowner, and shoots them dead. How do you live with that guilt?
    It is a crime with so many possible bad outcomes prison time should be required.

  4. I'm very disappointed. I hate commercials. I skip them every chance I get just to hear the news I clicked on. Sad when the news you want to hear turns out to be nothing but a commercial.

  5. Swatting needs to be a felony with a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence. It's not only attempted murder of the victim and/or the family but possibly of the cop as well. You come charging guns drawn into a man's home in the South and you have about a 50% chance of being shot dead. The cops in her town, Rome, GA, handled it well but not all departments are equal (Uvalde, TX for example).

  6. It was two Nigerian white supremist with maga hats that called in that hit, perfectly legal if you're a democrat. They'll probably suspend those cops for not completing the mission.

  7. You know what’s ridiculous? If this is her 2nd time being swatted 2 tonight’s in a row, then shouldn’t the 911 dispatch system & the cops know that it’s the same address that they responded from before??? I remember watching those reality police shows when they’re telling the camera guy that they know this specific address because they have been dispatched to it multiple times for domestic & drug abuse. So how is this any different with being swatted??? Also, shouldn’t her home address have an asterisk by it considering it was swatted?

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