Rep. Ratcliffe: Comey, Yates, McCabe & Rosenstein Caught Lying on FISA Warrants to Spy on Trump

Trey Guowdy and Ratcliffe were the only Republicans to see the the evidence behind the FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign operatives. Ratcliffe told former Rep. Jason Chaffetz that Comey, Sally Yates, McCabe and Rod Rosenstein all posted in big bold letters “verified application” all in capitals. So Comey and Yates and everyone who signed the FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign all verified what was in the warrant… And they all knew it was created by a Trump hater and paid for by Hillary Clinton. This is a big development!

Written by james hoft


  1. And they’ve done nothing for two years, derp! The GOP is such a joke, can’t tell who’s weaker, them or Trump. What’s sickening is that nothing will happen to any of these traitors. Trump campaigned as if he was sooooo anti establishment, look at his cabinet now ?

  2. We've had plenty of talk and zero action so far.
    Start indicting and jailing people or stop the grandstanding.
    Sedition and treason are serious offenses and unless the coup members are brought to justice it will happen again and on a much bigger scale.

  3. Mr. Comey, Dec. 17. 2018: "….Millions of people believe what the President says. Today, there are mill. of Americans walking around thinking that the FBI is corrupt and out to get the President of the United States, that the Justice Dep. is corrupt and out to get the Pres. of the U S. And they believe it because he's said it over and over again. A lot of people probably within walking distance of me rigt now have repeated those lies. …"
    Is Rep. Ratcliff one of those in "walking distance"?

  4. Now we know why Trey "we don't need another special prosecutor, we can trust the FBI and DOJ "Gowdy left. He knew this was going to blow up and he was going to be asked why he wasn't fighting as hard as Nunes, Ratcliff, and the other committee members.

  5. Mueller report is just another scam to bolster previous lies, namely, "Russia hacking". They had nothing on Trump. They knew all the allegations were based on hot air. Mueller's mission was to validate the 2017 Interagency Intelligence report on Russian hacking, that they just made up to cover their butts for spying on Trump. Both the DNC and RNC are implicated in those crimes, that's why Trump's own party hasn't had his back — and continues to validate the "Russia Hacking" lie on channels like FOX.