Report: Kathy Hochul BURIES New York Probe Into Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home DISASTER

New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim discusses accusations that New York Governor Kathy Hochul is ‘dragging her feet’ on investigating her former boss, Andrew Cuomo.

FILE – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at New York’s Yankee Stadium on July 26, 2021. A report released Thursday, July 7, 2022, by an independent law firm hired to investigate details surrounding Cuomo’s book deal, found that he improperly used state employees and resources for the $5.1 million book deal in 2020. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File) FILE – New York Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks to reporters about legislation passed during a special legislative session in the Red Room at the state Capitol, July 1, 2022, in Albany, N.Y. As President Joe Biden runs up against the limits of what he can do on abortion, gun control and other issues without larger Democratic majorities in Congress, some in his party want more fire and boldness than the president’s acknowledgement of their frustration and calls imploring people to vote in November.(AP Photo/Hans Pennink, File)

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  1. New York Michigan how many other states did the same thing.We are supposed to take care of the elderly children people in need and we keep letting them down .Dont let them down in november get these turds out of there.

  2. Trump gave Cuomo his hospitals, and Cuomo refused to use them..There is no excuse..Every NYer who lost a loved one in the nursing home should be outraged. I cannot help but wonder if it was deliberate..Cuomo wasn't the only Gov. to make that decision. I hope a Republican wins, and holds Cuomo accountable..We can not have Hochul as Gov…she is just as bad if not worse than Cuomo.

  3. Cuomo paid her off.???? in mass holyoke they put the buerocrats in jail fo doing what cumo did how come not anyhwere else?… its muti thousand killer DUI over politics… jail time period for cuomo whitmer newsome, levin, wolfe and many other govenors for thei bad dcisons and printing money…

  4. Omg!! Perfect timing! I was just wondering what happened to the Cuomo's. Seemed like they disappeared & all their troubles vanished with them. Keep going & fighting for him to come to justice!!

  5. Politicians being TRUTHFUL?…Sir…this will NEVER happen. This investigation will never happen…the Democrats running New York will bury this issue…THERE WILL BE NO INVESTIGATION. Also, New York is such a CORRUPT state…even if they opened an investigation, those powerful forces will find a way to get that investigation to conclude that they did nothing wrong…so, in a sense, it's kind of a waste of tax payer money to even hold an investigation. Just bury your loved ones and move on with your lives…this is a done deal.

  6. Contrary to the Trump blame noise, over 40% of the Covid deaths in the US were in Democrat administered care homes in states and cities. The media does not want this ever brought to any public exposure or scrutiny.

  7. I really like Kim but the cancel student debt sign is ridiculous unless you cancel all debt for 18-25yr olds otherwise that book trade wars and class wars are mute

  8. Janice Levine, Biden's 2slgbtqqia+ charity pick, was complicit in the deaths of thousands of Pennsylvania care home deaths. She even removed her mother from a home in violation of state policy/guidelines. Further, when questioned during her confirmation hearing, about surgically altering or using blockers in young children she refused to answer the question. yes or no. Yet, thousands died of Covid under her watch in Pennsylvania care homes.

  9. Does anyone honestly care? There will be no change without MASSIVE bloodshed. Unfortunately for us, Western politicians are leading us directly into WW3.

    Hope is absolutely necessary but blind optimism is the mother of all ignorance.

  10. So this guy neglects to mention the worst part of those policies. The fact that the governor mandated that these nursing homes take back in infected patients consequently causing many, many more deaths is by far the largest reason for inquirie. Then add to it Andrew's gift of immunity to these nursing homes and I find it very difficult to imagine any reasonable excuse not to investigate. (Besides the fact that 4 or 5 other democratic states officials did the same thing)

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